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Renewal of Partnership: MOA Signing between DSWD and MCL

Ceremonial MOA Signing Attended by the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Coordinator, Ms. Angelica Anne Leonor (Second to the Left), Assistant Regional Director of Operations, Dir. Mylah S. Gatchalian (Fourth to the left) and the DSWD IV-A Regional Director, Dir. Marcelo Nicomedes (Fourth to the right), together with the MCL- CSCE Team headed by the CSCE Director, Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin (Middle) (Photo by: CSCE)


The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is a government agency that creates, develops, and implements projects that provide services to the poor and vulnerable sectors of the country. One of these programs is the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, or more commonly known as 4Ps, which is at the core of the partnership between DSWD Region 4A (CALABARZON) and Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School (MCL).

The DSWD Region 4A has been an active partner of MCL in coordination with the Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement (CSCE) from 2017 to 2019. Through the Youth Development Program of the DSWD, members of MCL’s faculty and staff were able to attend training workshops for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) that had helped them develop their skills in community engagements especially in programs that focus on out of school youths.

Last July 12, 2022, the MCL CSCE team headed by its Director, Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin, attended the ceremonial signing of the memorandum of agreement (MOA) for the renewal of partnership between the regional office of DSWD Region 4A and MCL, held at the DSWD Field Office IV A, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The event was also attended by the Pantawid Regional CSO Partnership Officer, Ms. Angelica Anne Leonor, the Assistant Regional Director for Operations, Dir. Mylah S. Gatchalian and the DSWD IV A Regional Director, Dir. Marceto Nicomedes J. Castillo.


Ms. Angelica Anne Leonor presenting the data of Not-Attending -School (NAS) cases in Cabuyao, Laguna as of 30 June 2022.(Photo by: CSCE)


Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin, Director of CSCE, presenting the PowerPoint Presentation for MCL-CSCE Community Engagement Highlights. (Photo by: CSCE)


The renewal of the partnership between MCL CSCE and the DSWD Region 4A will focus on the beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps). 4Ps is a DSWD program that aims to improve the well-being of the poorest of the poor, that includes health, nutrition, and education. One of the salient features of this partnership is the collaboration with the DSWD’s KAAGAPAY (Anti-Poverty Projects and Activities) and GABAY (Mechanism for Extending Technical Assistance) programs, and Family and Youth Development Sessions (FDS/YDS).

Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin (Left), Director of CSCE, and Dir. Marcelo Nicomedes J. Castillo (Right), Regional Director of DSWD 4A, signing the Memorandum of Agreement for the partnership between DSWD Region 4A and Malayan Colleges Laguna


With this partnership, MCL CSCE will engage with DSWD through the different Community Engagements and other initiatives that will be of assistance to the beneficiaries of the 4Ps in coordination with the Region 4A DSWD Provincial Program Coordinators. The MCL community will have the opportunity to attend the FDS/YDS Facilitators Training Programs and Workshops that will be useful in the creation of interventions for Not-Attending-School (NAS) children and other 4Ps beneficiaries. It will also be an avenue to strengthen community engagements with the capability building activities that the DSWD will provide to the volunteers and the members of the MCL community.

With the renewal of the MOA, both the DSWD and MCL CSCE will be able to bring better fitting and much needed programs to a bigger population of stakeholders. The CSCE is hoping that this will create a fruitful and meaningful partnership between a national government unit and the private sector.

MCL alumna achieves Guinness World Record

by: Chris Robert H. Llamoso

Last June 2022, Ms. Amra Sultana Mendoza Mahmood, Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School’s College of Arts and Science (CAS) alumna was recognized by the prestigious international award-giving organization, Guinness World Records.

Ms. Amra Sultana Mendoza Mahmood and Arshia Shahriari with Guinness World Records’ Largest Origami Heart in United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai.


Ms. Amra Mahmood said on a Facebook post “Art may not be an important subject to some, but (it) may give us the character of persistency, becoming goal oriented, (and) having pride and honor that we can carry out through one’s lives,” after being granted a Guinness World Records Title for the “Largest Origami Heart” together with her student Arshia Shahriari from Iran, and with assistance from Mr. John Michael T. Alconaba and others who helped to set this world record.

After a long period of time, they finally got recognized by the Guinness World Records. The record was held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last June 29, 2022.  It is after creating a total of 4.01 x 3.45 meters (13 ft 1.8 in) Origami Heart. Arshia and Amra decided to break this record in celebration of the UAE’s 50th National day.


MCL congratulates Ms. Amra Sultana Mendoza Mahmood for her recent recognition by the Guinness World Records.


Ms. Amra Mahmood also earned an Educational Profession License in Specialty Applied Visual Arts from the UAE. With these accomplishments, it shows MCL’s dedication to its mission and vision to build globally competitive professionals who are and could be recognized not just in the Philippines, but in different parts of the world. This clearly shows that the excellence of MCL students could also be recognized not just in the Philippines, but in different parts of the world. Click here to learn more about this.


MCL college departments welcome back students for Midyear General Assembly

by: Bea Patricia C. Marin

After almost three years of conducting online classes, Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School’s college departments are welcoming students back through a week of conducting midyear general assemblies, gathering seniors, sophomores, and freshman alike who have yet to meet one another personally. With the goal to restore the bond, camaraderie, and most especially the fun and excitement in meeting different people in one’s college, the College of Arts and Science (CAS), the Mapúa-PTC College of Maritime Education and Training (Mapúa-PTC CMET), the College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS), and the Mapúa Institute for Technology in Laguna (MITL) held their respective General Assemblies last July 12, 13, and 14 and conducted programs to reconnect and reignite the spark among its current and incoming students.

FORDA CAS: Kitakits Mga Ferson!

Spearheaded by the CAS Student Council, Forda CAS: Kitakits Mga Ferson was held to welcome B.A. Multimedia Arts, B.A. Communication, and B.S. Psychology students as the current students are given recognition for their exemplary academic performance while engaging once again with their fellow CAS students – CASangga, as they would call them, in games and various exciting activities.

CAS Students participating in the Campus Tour during the FORDA CAS: Kitakits mga Ferson Midyear General Assembly held by the MCL CAS Student Council.

A campus tour was held in the morning to introduce the grounds of MCL to the sophomores and freshmen who are yet to experience them on a regular basis. The seniors, however, were reintroduced to the newly renovated facilities that were constructed when online classes began. The second part of the event held the main program which was held in the Einstein building.

“Remember that you are a star,” CAS Dean Lito Suello says in his speech as he greets the members of the CAS Department in person after almost 3 years, “You shine even in the dark times as you have displayed in your persistence to go on during your online classes.”

The third floor of the Einstein building was once again filled with students’ laughter and energy and in attendance were some of the professors and the program chairs of each program who were just as excited and jovial to witness their students once again sans the screen.

Elections for the new CAS Student Council Officers were also held during the event as the outgoing officers also made their thanks and bid farewell to their CAS Community.

See-CMET: Welcome Aboard!

Likewise, the Mapúa-PTC CMET held their General Assembly at the newly renovated MCL Gymnasium and welcomed their current and incoming cadets.

CMET Students gather at the See-CMET Midyear General Assembly at the MCL Gymnasium held by the CMET Student Council.

The Mapúa-PTC CMET students set sail for a day of fun and excitement as the CMET Student Council held an Educational Tour of their learning classrooms in M11, M120, M121, and M122 that housed their immersive learning tools that many of their seniors considered to be their second home during face-to-face classes.

In its goal of bringing back and forming stronger than ever bonds, a one-day basketball league was also held among the students that not only allowed for familiarity among the different batches but also reigniting their competitive spirits.

Distinguished professors in the CMET department were also in attendance to meet and welcome back their students and share their messages of hope and encouragement for the incoming academic year.

The outgoing CMET Student Council Officers were also given a chance to introduce themselves in person for the first and last time as the day also gave way for the introduction and induction of the new incoming members of the CMET Student Council.

CCIS Wizards: Housewarming Event

The College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS) held the first part of their midyear general assembly by recognizing the members of the Dean’s List at the Francisco Balagtas Auditorium last July 13.

The exemplary efforts that the students have displayed in their academic performance were given recognition as they are greeted and welcomed once again by the CCIS Dean, Prof. Khristian G. Kikuchi. Special awards were given to certain students as well who have excelled in various skills unique and highly coveted in the Information Technology industry. Distinguished professors from the CCIS Faculty were also in attendance during the awarding where they were able to introduce themselves personally to their students.

The CCIS Annual Awarding at the Francisco Balagtas Auditorium hosted by the CCIS Student Council.

Part two of the Housewarming program was held at the Einstein building where the outgoing CCIS Student Council introduced themselves in person for the first and last time. They also conducted the election in search of the next officers for the incoming academic year after a program that engaged the CCIS first-year students, sophomores, and seniors in exciting activities that allowed them to mingle with each other.

CCIS Student Council Elections at the Einstein building.


The Mapúa Institute for Technology at Laguna’s (MITL) Cardinals General Assembly, which was held last July 14, was the last college department to hold its midyear general assembly that welcomed the different batches from the different programs under its department, hosted by the MITL Student Council.

The MITL Midyear General Assembly at the MCL Gymnasium and the 3v3 Basketball League headed by the MITL Student Council.

A formal program was held to welcome the students in the morning that kicked off with an opening address from the then MITL College Dean, Engr. Orlando G. Perez. After the morning welcome, the campus tour followed shortly simultaneous with the student organization program that introduced the current MITL Student Council officers to their fellow MITL students. Beloved and distinguished professors also joined in on the event to both witness and welcome their students, with others being able to share their insights on what’s to come in the student’s academic life and what to expect for those who are poised to venture into the professional and working industry soon.

The highly anticipated 3v3 basketball game was held in the afternoon and Team Yummers emerged as the champion after a smashing performance against Team Newbie at the finals, scoring a clean 25-11, among the 16 teams that participated overall. In recognition, they were crowned during the awarding ceremony that also served as the closing for the MITL Midyear General Assembly.

Left on a hopeful and exciting outlook for the academic year to come, the Midyear General Assembly week was concluded with a promise of an even bigger, better, and stronger Wizards Community to come.


JRAEVCS Nominees: Mr. Dustin O. Divina, graduating B.A. Communication student from the College of Arts and Science, together with Ms. Shelishiyah Mers M. Fulo, graduating B.S. Tourism Management student from the E.T. Yuchengo College of Business. (Photo by: Reinhold Gabriel B. Catangay)

Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School’s (MCL) Jose Rizal Award for Excellence in Virtue in Community Service (JRAEVCS) is an institutional award conferred to a graduating MCL student who has had commendable community engagement initiatives all throughout their college years. The award represents MCL’s commitment to continuously encourage students to pursue their passion and commitment to serve and create positive impacts on the lives of individuals and communities, especially the disadvantaged. The Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement (CSCE) facilitated the overall conduct of the JRAEVCS.  

This year’s JRAEVCS nominees presented their own community engagement portfolios to the CSCE and members of the Award Selection Committee (ASC) last June 30, 2022. The ASC consisted of three (3) individuals from the Administration and Faculty, namely, Prof. Christie C. Amores (current Cluster Chair of the Social Sciences Department of the College of Arts and Sciences or CAS); Mr. Rafael Louise D. Gregorio (Head of the Center for Student Advising of the Student Affairs Office or SAO); and Dr. Roel C. Rodrigo (Director of the Learning Environments and Innovations Office or LEIO).  

Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin, CSCE Director, facilitated the JRAEVCS program and presentation of the nominees’ portfolios. Two (2) MCL graduating students were nominated by their respective Deans and Program Chairs to be this year’s JRAEVCS finalists: Mr. Dustin O. Divina, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication graduating student (CAS), and Ms. Shelishiyah Mers M. Fulo, a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management graduating student from the Enrique T. Yuchengco College of Business (ETYCB). Both have finished their academic requirements with exemplary status and will be participating in the face-to-face graduation ceremony in September 2022.  

Each nominee presented the projects and initiatives for 30 minutes, and confidently responded to each of the ASC members’ questions. To date, the recipients of the JRAEVCS have totaled nine (9) since the award was initially given in 2014.  

Mr. Dustin O. Divina 

As a communication practitioner and a social influencer, Mr. Divina brought himself closer to the less privileged with his very first project called “Helping Hands” in 2016, where he distributed food and clothing to those who lived beside the railways. This initiative then led him to undertake several civic engagements. 

Mr. Dustin O. Divina as the first presenter of community initiatives for the JRAEVCS presentation of the nominees (Photo by: Reinhold Gabriel B. Catangay)

One of his notable works was “Talentulong,” a series of multimedia fundraising activities that addressed the plight of the victims of the recent natural calamities in 2020. ‘Talentulong’  made use of artistic and informational content that enticed social media users to lend financial donations. Through this engagement, Mr. Divina could gather a modest amount for the benefit of those affected by typhoon Rolly and Ulysses with the help of Pluma ni Juan and CSCE; the former being an organization that aims to build a stronger foundation in establishing partnerships and communities in the Philippines. Pluma ni Juan is solely run by teachers alongside their former students to induce public awareness using available educational materials, while CSCE as the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of MCL. Moreover, ‘Boto Mo #Bansa Mo’, a sub-project of Talentulong, encouraged the youth to become registered voters and taught them the importance of exercising one’s right to suffrage.  

In his most recent engagement last April 22, 2021, titled “Dokyung Bayan,” Mr. Divina documented the process of the distribution of financial assistance or ayuda in the City of Calamba at the height of Covid-19 lockdown. This documentary showed the process by which the citizens claimed their ayuda and who expressed dismay over health protocols being completely overlooked in the process of the provision of financial assistance from their respective barangays.  This led Mr. Divina to question the process of cash distribution in Calamba City through a video documentary, accompanied by relevant facts about the city and interview clips with some cash aid recipients.  

 The video documentary reached the attention of then Calamba City Mayor Chipeco, together with the DSWD, who later engaged Mr. Divina in a serious discussion regarding the contents of the video documentary. Thus, Mr. Divina’s community project has spurred public interest among the citizens concerned and has proven its relevance at the height of the global health crisis.  

 Ms. Shelishiyah Mers M. Fulo 

As a Tourism Management (TM) student, Ms. Fulo had the opportunity to travel to selected communities where some famed tourist spots are. The experience also served as an eye-opener, which made her realize and witness the plight of the less privileged. She then developed her skills in interpersonal communication which helped her to focus on initiating different donation drives for the benefit of her chosen beneficiaries and spearheaded different activities. With the help of the Hospitality and Tourism Enthusiastic Leadership Society (HOTELS), Ms. Fulo was able to conduct feeding programs and distribute hygiene kits to the Children’s Joy Foundation. With the same foundation, a donation drive was made for the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses.  

Ms. Shelishiyah Mers M. Fulo presenting her community initiatives to the ASC members (Photo by: Reinhold Gabriel B. Catangay) 

The Taal Volcano erupted in January 2020 and displaced many residents within the affected area in Batangas. Ms. Fulo also reached out to the victims and, together with her dormmates, initiated a food relief operation. From her initial community engagement activity under the National Service Training Program (NSTP), Ms. Fulo conducted English and Math lessons with selected elementary students from Casile Elementary School, along with the distribution of food and school supplies. She has also partnered with the CSCE to provide hygiene kits to Pulo National High School, Southville 1 Integrated National High School and Biñan Integrated National High School-Timbao Campus and to undertake a fund-raising activity for Brigada Eskwela in September 2021.  

Ms. Fulo’s biggest community initiative yet was the “Bente-Bente ngayong 2020”, a donation drive for the communities affected by typhoons Rolly and Ulysses and by the Mt. Mayon eruption in the Bicol region. She used her social media platform, such as Facebook, to inform the public about the situation and the needs of the communities like food supplies, clothes, medicine, and other necessities. Ms. Fulo collected funds for the purchase of relief supplies for the families affected by these calamities. 


Ms. Shelishiyah Mers M. Fulo receiving the certificate of appreciation from the Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement (CSCE) (photo by: Reinhold Gabriel B. Catangay)


Mr. Dustin O. Divina receiving the certificate of appreciation from the Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement (CSCE) (photo by: Reinhold Gabriel B. Catangay)


As the JRAEVCS presentation ended, the CSCE gave a Certificate of Recognition to the nominees in sincere appreciation of their arduous work and exemplary contribution to community service. 

 The winner for the Jose Rizal Award for Excellence in Virtue in Community Engagement was announced last July 14, 2022, and the award will be conferred during the graduation rites. The CSCE continues to tap more deserving MCL students as recipients of the award, a way to inspire others to give their time, volunteer and give back to their communities. 



You Matter: MCL-CGC Mental Health Awareness Month

By: Daniela H. Hipolito 

In observation of the National Mental Health Month, Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School’s Center for Guidance and Counseling (MCL-CGC), in collaboration with MCL’s College of Arts and Science (CAS) Student Council, MCL-CGC Peer Facilitator’s Club, and the official academic organization of B.S. Psychology, Ugnayan ng Malayang Sikolohiya (UGMASIKO) held an event last October 2021 about raising awareness of those living with mental or behavioral health issues virtual event titled You Matter: MCL Mental Health Awareness Month that was filled with new knowledge and enjoyment due to the activities prepared and offered for the whole MCL community. 

MCL-CGC, in collaboration with MCL CAS Student Council, MCL CGC Peer Facilitator’s Club, and UGMASIKO, presents “You Matter: MCL Mental Health Awareness Month,” a virtual event held last October 2021 via Microsoft Teams.

The Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is a global health crisis that has had a negative impact on student life. Nobody was ready since no one anticipated this to happen, and it heavily impacted the mental health of a lot of people, including the students. Everyone has challenges in life that may be detrimental to their mental health. It has never been more important to understand that one’s mental health is a significant component of one’s entire health and well-being and that mental ailments are treatable. 

The Mental Health Program, in compliance with R.A. 11036, is one of the services provided by MCL-CGC which aims to offer mental health programs to the MCL community and give a platform to spread accurate information about mental health through events like webinars and seminars (inviting mental health professionals to speak about current issues in mental health that are helpful to the MCL community), information dissemination services through posters, infographics, brochures, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Courses in Blackboard Learn Ultra and other means. 

MCL-CGC’s You Matter: MCL Mental Health Awareness Month virtual event held last October 2021 via Microsoft Teams in partnership with MCL CAS Student Council, MCL CGC Peer Facilitator’s Club, and UGMASIKO.
MCL-CGC’s You Matter: MCL Mental Health Awareness Month virtual event held last October 2021 via Microsoft Teams. The Online Kumustahan Special Edition Technical Team took a group photo at the end of the successful program.
MCL-CGC’s You Matter: MCL Mental Health Awareness Month virtual event held last October 2021 via Microsoft Teams. The Mental Health Webinar Technical Team took a group photo at the end of the successful program.

MCL-CGC constantly reminds the students that they matter and that there is support available. It is significant to their students if ever they find themselves in a challenging position to reach out to their support system, whether it be their family, friends, community, or significant others. To those who belong to the system of assistance, simple words like “Kumusta ka?” may provide a window of hope for those who have mental health issues. 

The MCL-CGC is always open to helping and advising students on how to assess themselves, maintain a balanced and healthy personality, succeed academically, and improve their basic life skills to be well-adjusted and highly functional individuals. 

With the question “What can MCL CGC say about the students who struggle with managing their mental health?” CGC sent a message to the MCL community by saying, “Dear Malayans, the Center for Guidance and Counseling offers comprehensive guidance and mental health program, if you find yourself you need someone to talk to, even about anything under the sun, just to release some stress and you need someone to listen to you, send us a message to book for your counseling session. Remember that #CGCcares. 

Ready to take your career to the next level? MCL CGC got you covered.

By: Angelica Mae I. Javier

Last February 7 to 11, 2022, Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School’s Center for Guidance and Counseling (MCL CGC) together with MCL Senior High School (MCL-SHS) Department held the SHS Career Week for S.Y. 2021 – 2022 titled “Building Professionals: Career Exploration in the New Normal,” with the official hashtag #CGCSHSCareerWeek. 

Held annually, the SHS Career Week is a seven-part event. MCL CGC collaborated with the MCL Supreme Student Council (MCL SSC) and the CGC Peer Facilitators’ Club to cultivate the career paths that the current SHS students will further explore in the new normal set-up. 

MCL CGC-SHS Career Week Official Poster posted via MCL CGC Official Page in partnership with MCL-SHS and Peer Facilitators’ Club.


MCL CGC-SHS Career Week official poster titled “Building Professionals: Career Exploration in the New Normal” and the scheduled list of activities which was held last February 7-11, 2022.

The list of activities prepared showcases what the current SHS students should look out for before they choose their own career paths and programs for college which are aligned with the global trend with the objectives of being aware of the factors to be considered in career exploration and career decision-making, to be informed of the latest career trends and job markets in the new normal, and to appreciate the importance of career exploration in making right career choices in the new normal. 

The celebration of the SHS Career Week launched via Blackboard Learn (BBL), MCL’s learning management system with the events of SHS Career Week Module for Grade 11 and Grade 12, along with the Career Bingo last February 7, 2022. MCL-CGC also posted various Career Testimonial videos of MCL alumni on their official Facebook page. 

Mr. Louie Andrew F. Tividad, Alumnus of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Class of 2013 currently a second engineer at Finnlines PLC and a part-time instructor at Malayan Colleges Laguna shares his career testimony as an MCL graduate.

As part of the event celebration, webinars were held last February 8, 2022, via Facebook Live. As the first invited guest as part of their online seminar series, Ms. Joanna Pareja, the Workforce Development Trainer for the Center for Education Innovation for the National Teachers’ College, discussed the career paths to consider for the first webinar titled “Exploration and Career Decision Making.” Alongside the first speaker, Ms. Mary Jane T. Banasihan-Corcuera from the PESO Provincial Office of Laguna was also invited to talk about “The New Normal Market: Staying Ahead on the Curve” during the second webinar.  

The first Career Week Webinar talk titled “Exploration and Career Decision-Making” was held live via the MCL CGC Facebook page with guest Ms. Joanne Pareja, who discussed the career paths to consider for SHS students.

The first part of the webinar tackled the possibilities of your future career paths, what to consider, and even the weight of how influential the people we are surrounded with are. Ms. Pareja also enlightened the audience on how important it is to have both skills and knowledge and the work habits that are important to possess before entering the industry. She ended the first part of the webinar with the quote “The career you choose is not just what you want. It is a combination of many other things and there should be alignment in skills, work habits, and resources. 

The second Career Week Webinar Talk titled “The New Normal Market: Staying ahead on the Curve” was held live via MCL CGC Facebook page with guest Ms. Mary Jane T. Banasihan-Corcuera, who talked about what career opportunities are trending in the new normal market.

Aside from knowing what mindset we should possess it is also important to know what the market has to offer. As part of the second half of the program, Ms. Banahisan-Corcuera then shared the importance of being informed of the Labor Market avoiding the dilemma of job skills mismatch. She then imparted an important tip to all the SHS students, she said, “Be informed to be able to decide”  on how to be more competitive on what career path to choose and to stay driven with your passion in line with the market demand. 

The SHS Career Week also held online competitions such as Digital Slogan-Poster Making Contest and Career Dress Up Video Making Contest in which all SHS students can participate. All winners were posted on the MCL CGC Facebook page after submissions were closed. 

To end the week, MCL CGC held Online Kamustahan: SHS Career Week Edition last February 11, 2022, wherein members of the SHS community hosted the event and invited graduates of MCL-SHS as part of the program. 

Online Kamustahan: SHS Career Week Edition held on February 11, 2022, of the SHS Career Week Celebration to close the week-long celebration.

The MCL CGC and MCL-SHS Department ended the SHS Career Week with a blast and as per usual, the annual event has become a tradition for both CGC and SHS. Still, with pandemic restrictions easing, both SHS students and CGC are looking forward to the face-to-face versions of these events. 

Of course, the CGC is excited to see the students face-to-face, and right now, as we plan our activities for the upcoming school year 2022-2023, we also plan to incorporate both online and face-to-face activities. We hope that the students will continue to participate and support these activities and events for the next school year,”  said Ms. Laryh Cuevas of MCL CGC. 

MCL CSCE partners with DILG IV-A for Digital Poster-Making Contest for the Environment

The 10 participants from DepEd School Divisions in Laguna alongside Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin (Director, CSCE) and contest judges Prof. Ma. Rovilla C. Sudaprasert of the College of Arts and Science (CAS), Ms. Ciarra Dave C. Abcede and Ms. Sara Caliwagan of DILG IV-A. Ms. Dionelyn Servañez of DENR IV-A, and Mr. Dwight Sunico of PIA IV-A. (Photo by DILG Region IV-A)

Our planet Earth has faced the challenges of climate change. Pollution, caused by improper disposal of trash and plastics in bodies of water, is one of the factors that continuously harm the environment. Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School (MCL), through the Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement (CSCE), strongly believes that #SustainabilityIsInOurDNA through Project ECHO (Environmental Conservation through Holistic Outcomes) and Mission: Plastic Solution (in partnership with The Plastic Solution). Its partnership with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Region IV-A on this endeavor further promoted CSCE’s goal towards environmental preservation and conservation.

On June 22, 2022, MCL CSCE and DILG IV-A held an in-person event titled “YOUth Taking Charge of the Environment: A Digital Poster-Making Contest for Senior High School Students” at the Einstein Building of the MCL campus. Ten (10) participants from the School Divisions of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Laguna vied for the top three (3) awards by creating a digital poster that conveys the theme of promoting the practice of proper waste segregation. The program began with a welcome message from MCL’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Engr. Anthony Hilmer S. Medrano, to the representatives of participating schools and select DILG 4A staff. This was followed by a short briefing by Ms. Ciarra Dave C. Abcede from DILG IV-A Manila Bay Regional Task Group on the contest rules and the introduction to the esteemed panel of judges.

MCL’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Engr. Anthony Hilmer S. Medrano, delivered a welcoming message to our partners from DILG IV-A, DepEd School Divisions, and the esteemed panel of judges. (Photo by Edward Andrew A. Guese, MCL CSCE)

The panel consists of Ms. Abcede, Ms. Sara Caliwagan of DILG IV-A Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC), Ms. Dionelyn Servañez of the Department of Environment and National Resources (DENR) Region IV-A, Mr. Dwight Sunico of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Region IV-A, and MCL’s very own Prof. Ma. Rovilla C. Sudaprasert, Program Chair of the Bachelor of Multimedia Arts (BMMA) program of the College of Arts and Science (CAS). CSCE Director, Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin, CSCE Program Assistant, Mr. Edward Andrew A. Guese, and Mr. Bon Charles Garcia of the Information Technology Services Office (ITSO) were present during the event. During the contest proper, the participants accomplished their artwork within the three-hour time limit and presented the context of their pieces to the panel of judges.

The participants were tasked to create a digital poster that conveys the theme of proper waste segregation and environmental conservation within a three-hour time limit. (Photo by Edward Andrew A. Guese, MCL CSCE)

All the contestants received a certificate participation and the top three (3) winners each received a plaque and cash prizes. The winning entry of Mr. Jun Ivanne Dalman from the Calamba City School for the Arts won the grand prize, followed by the artworks from Ms. Ayumi Angel Hara and Mr. Mark Lawrence Garilao, both from Cabuyao Integrated National High School, took second and third place respectively. All artworks made by the participants will be featured on the DILG 4A’s official Facebook page.

The DILG IV-A also awarded a plaque of appreciation to MCL for the partnership in successfully conducting the event.

The contestants explained the context of their artworks to the panel of judges. (Photo by Edward Andrew A. Guese, MCL CSCE)

MCL’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Engr. Anthony Hilmer S. Medrano, delivered a welcoming message to our partners from DILG IV-A, DepEd School Divisions, and the esteemed panel of judges. (Photo by Edward Andrew A. Guese, MCL CSCE)

This event proved that the youth demonstrated their knowledge in preserving our environment through masterly strokes of art. With this, CSCE continues to collaborate with DILG IV-A and other partners to pursue one goal towards sustainability.

Learn more about Project ECHO.


MCL CSCE responds to stakeholders’ needs for the ‘new’ normal 

Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin, Director of CSCE, together with the faculty and staff of Casile Elementary School, Cabuyao City, Laguna. (Photo by Reinhold Gabriel Catangay, MCL-CSCE)

One of the main goals of the Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement (CSCE) of Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School (MCL) is to identify strategic extension services, student- learning activities, and capacity-building among its growing number of stakeholders and be able to link these to the MCL community.  

Last June 21, 2022, the CSCE team visited three (3) of its partner schools to aid in the annual implementation of the Department of Education (DepEd)’s Brigada Eskwela and to distribute in-kind donations. The following partner schools: (1) Casile Elementary School (Cabuyao, Laguna); (2) Don Jose Integrated High School (DJIHS) (Santa Rosa, Laguna); and 3) Makativille Elementary School (Calauan, Laguna) warmly welcomed the CSCE Team during the visit.  

Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin (Director, CSCE) and Ms. Karen Precilla (Adapt-a-school Coordinator, Casile ES), signing the deed of donation for the donations brought by the CSCE. (Photo by Reinhold Gabriel Catangay, MCL-CSCE)

Through these initiatives, the CSCE team gained an actual and deeper understanding of the difficulties experienced by the partner schools. Paint and construction materials were among the things they require to improve their physical amenities and refurbish the school. At the same time, the school administrators have echoed their need for COVID-19 Health kits, enough to provide each of the students upon resuming face-to-face (F2F) classes. The partner schools also mentioned the strengthening of their Gender and Development (GAD) initiatives in the school that would include an orientation on the new law, Republic Act No. 11313 or the Safe Spaces Act, which students must be made aware of. 

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Ms. Catherine G. Javier (Principal, DJINHS) handing the Certificate of Donation to Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin (Director, CSCE). (Photo by Reinhold Gabriel Catangay, MCL-CSCE)


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Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin (Director, CSCE), Ms. Elenor Petrsanta (Head Teacher, Makativille ES) and Faculty of Makativille Elementary School holding the sample donations of CSCE (Photo by Reinhold Gabriel Catangay, MCL-CSCE)


The CSCE anticipates a reinvigorated implementation of this year’s Brigada Eskwela as the schools prepare for a full F2F mode of interaction with its students. Each school took its own initiative to help students keep up with their studies. For instance, the Don Jose Integrated High School monitored students who were having difficulties during modular sessions and offered limited F2F classes solely for them. With a similar vision in mind, Makativille Elementary School initiated an online collaborative service-learning activity via the “Online Talakayan Scheme which helped teachers focus on delivering hands-on sessions with selected students at a particular time of the day. 

Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin (Director, CSCE) with Ms. Elenor Petrasanta (Head Teacher, Makativille Elementary School) as they go through the possible inter-school learning interventions to help condition students as they revert to F2F classes. (Photo by Reinhold Gabriel Catangay, MCL-CSCE)

With this, the CSCE team hopes to offer more support in committing to community civic engagements and in establishing stronger ties that will prove beneficial, especially as pandemic restrictions continue to ease. 

MCL-LEIO director panels at EDUtech Philippines

by: Chris Robert H. Llamoso

Last February 16 to 17, 2022, Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School’s Learning Environments and Innovations Office (MCL LEIO) Director, Dr. Roel C. Rodrigo was invited to be part of the live panel of EDUtech Philippines, a virtual event organized by Terrapin Holdings Limited. 

EDUtech Philippines aims to provide a venue wherein different education professionals in the Philippines could have meaningful conversations, deliver educational presentations, and help not just the students but also other professionals in the academe. This could be done by sharing best practices and other knowledge vital for the improvement and innovations of the Philippine Education System. 

After the success of their 2021 event, they decided to continue their work and launched EDUtech Philippines 2022. With the title “Inspiring the next generation in the Philippines,” it was a two-day event that featured various speeches and panel discussions from professionals hailing from different Universities and Colleges in the Philippines. 

Dr. Roel Rodrigo, Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School’s Learning Environments and Innovations Office (MCL LEIO) Director, together with other professionals from Far Eastern University (FEU), Philippine Normal University (PNU), and Siliman University conducted a panel discussion as part of EDUtech Philippines 2022 live segment last February 17.


February 17, 2022: Live segment with Dr. Roel Rodrigo, Dir. Caterine Catamora (FEU), Dir. Nino Naldoza (PNU), Dr. Dave Marcial (Siliman University), moderated by Dean Joy Dy (Siliman University)


As one of the panelists at EDUtech Philippines 2022, Dr. Rodrigo took part in the discussion on what the campus of the future would look like. “We are not expected to return to the pre-pandemic style of teaching and learning,” he shared, stating that schools are adapting to the changes and are able to come up with ways to streamline their education system. “We can see that technology will still play a major role in ensuring continuity of learning and to make them more accessible and inclusive for all,” he added. That is why the “Hybrid” method was introduced. 

With the goal of making education more accessible and inclusive for all, MCL students can now choose their own learning experience through MCL’s Flexible Learning Ubiquitous Experience or MCL FLUX. This new learning system is a combination of three learning approaches: face-to-face, synchronous online, and asynchronous online classes. This way, the students are free to decide how they would like to participate in each class or activity.  


Visit this page to learn more about MCL FLUX. 

MCL CCIS professor wins multiple awards

Last January 2021, Prof. Dennis Martillano from Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School’s College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS) kicked off his project entitled “MI-AMOR: Mapping and Integration App for MOROS Overseas” in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) National Data Challenge.  

The BARMM Data Challenge lasted for five (5) months starting with over 200 presenters and going down to only twenty-one (21) prototypes selected for the final judging. With the remaining participants, four (4) major awards were given: Best Use of Bangsamoro Data Award, Best Use of Data Science Award, Most Relevant to BARMM Award, and Most Practical Solution.  

The BARMM National Data Challenge, in partnership with Data Ethics PH, CirroLytix Research Services, and the BARMM government, with funding support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), invites data scientists and analysts, application developers, engineers, students, and faculty members to generate ideas for good governance and development through data and technology for application in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). The Data Challenge has two (2) rounds. During the first round, all 200 of the participants submitted an abstract of their project. Among them, thirty-three (33) passed the initial evaluation and were able to make it through the second round or the development and pitching stage, during which all of them presented a three-minute video about their idea. After being subjected to a blind peer-review by an independent panel, twenty-one (21) prototypes were selected for the final judging. 

During the BARMM Virtual Data Challenge 2020 Recognition Ceremony with the twenty-one (21) remaining finalists last April 7, 2021, Prof. Martillano won the Most Practical Solution Award which means that his project represented an easily implementable solution, most plausible concept, and simple yet impactful design. Due to the limitations of the COVID-19 last year, he only received his plaque last January 2022. The four (4) major winners were awarded cash prizes along with special recognition from USAID, Asia Foundation, and the BARMM. All of them were also given the opportunity to incubate their solution and present their work directly to the relevant BARMM agencies and Local Government Units for implementation and possible funding. 

BARMM Data Challenge E-Certificate for Prof. Dennis Martillano for winning the Most Practical Solution Award for his project entitled “MI-AMOR: Mapping and Integration App for MOROS Overseas”

According to Prof. Martillano, Mi-AMOR is a project that aims to provide a mobile and web application that integrates facility to mark abuses/statuses on a dedicated map, and continuously build data that translate into a Visual Welfare Radar for BARMM and can be integrated in current government programs for OFW. He says, This project would also like to take advantage of using previously recorded data to visually understand and analyze the welfare of our OFW in Bangsamoro Region. I believe that there is an apparent need in providing means to visually mark abuses and problems that will not only make real-time and immediate monitoring, but to encapsulate our situation, our position, and our condition with respect to this issue.” 

BARMM Data Challenge Plaque to Prof. Dennis Martillano last January 2022 for winning the Most Practical Solution Award for his project entitled “MI-AMOR: Mapping and Integration App for MOROS Overseas”

Prof. Martillano shared that he is honored to be one of the peace advocates and selfless data scientists in the country. He says, “I dedicate the award to our BARMM Community, especially to the women and children who are the most vulnerable and need attention and help. We need to continuously use our research skills, technology, and of course our data, to devise possible solutions and identify opportunities to help our community.” 

In addition to the National Data Challenge Award Prof. Martillano received last November 2021, he also won Best Paper and Best Presentation in the 2021 3rd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Education. The workshop was sponsored by Xidian University from China and was hosted by their School of Telecommunications Engineering. The annual workshop invites researchers who wish to discuss and publish advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education. 

Prof. Martillano presented a total of three topics during the workshop: Structural Equation Modeling for Catching SCOTINOPHARA COARCTATA, Wearable Tool for Breathing Pattern Recognition, and Simulated Portable Mesh Network. All papers topped the presentation category with Structural Equation Modelling selected as the Best Paper in the session. 

With Prof. Martillano’s awards and advocacy as a data scientist, he proved that both excellence and virtue are embedded in his DNA. MCL will continue to support all contributions in generating new generations of knowledge and remain on its goal to be the global steeple of excellence in professional education and research.