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Mapúa MCL ETYCB Students Secure Fourth Consecutive Victory at PCCI BIDA 2023


In a remarkable display of talent and innovation, Mapúa MCL’s B.S. Business Administration students, under the guidance of their dedicated coach, Mr. Donn Enrique Moreno, have once again emerged victorious at the PCCI Business Idea and Development Award (PCCI BIDA) for the fourth consecutive year. Their exceptional achievements at the PCCI BIDA 2023, a fiercely competitive National Business Plan Competition, are proof of their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative thinking. 


The PCCI BIDA 2023 attracted a vast array of talent from across the Philippines, with more than 66 entries from participating schools. It’s a platform where young entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders can showcase their groundbreaking ideas and plans for the future. 


In the Food Category, Mapúa MCL’s team, with their product “VitaStrip,” emerged as the undisputed champions. Their innovation not only impressed the judges but also garnered the admiration of their peers, positioning them at the forefront of entrepreneurial excellence. “VitaStrip” promises to make a positive impact in the food industry with its unique and nutritious offering. 


Meanwhile, the Non-Food Category saw another stellar performance from Mapúa MCL’s students, as their product “Eco-Bubble” earned a place as one of the Top 5 Finalists. This remarkable achievement underscores the breadth and depth of innovative thinking at the institution, extending beyond just one category.

These remarkable accomplishments have instilled immense pride within the Mapúa MCL community. The consistent success of the B.S. Business Administration students at the PCCI BIDA competition is an example of the institution’s commitment to fostering innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among its students. 


Mapúa MCL congratulates its B.S. Business Administration students and their dedicated coach, Mr. Donn Enrique Moreno, for their remarkable achievements at the PCCI BIDA 2023. The institution looks forward to witnessing their continued success and to supporting their endeavors in making a positive impact on the world of business.