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YGC Core Values

Living our Values Every Day
Our Core Values in Action!

Core Values are YGC's basic principles that shape the way we conduct our business. We live them through our actions. When we consistently live our core values, we are bound to make the right decisions. The YGC Core Values in Action brings to life how each core value is applied to our day-to-day behaviors at work. Let us understand these with our minds, allow these to take root in our hearts, and make these guide all our actions. Let us all Live our Values, Every Day.

Core Value #1: Passion for Excellence

  • We are committed to do and be the BEST; RELENTLESS in our pursuit to be and remain on top.
  • We THINK FORWARD, always ready to embrace and drive CHANGE and INNOVATION and to provide LEADING EDGE products and solutions to our customers.
  • We are DELIBERATE and CONSCIENTIOUS in planning our goals and strategies and AGILE and PRECISE in executing these. We RISE ABOVE OBSTACLES as we neither use setbacks as an excuse nor ignorance as a shield.
  • We recognize that our CUSTOMERS are our reason for being and that they should be at the center of all our efforts to be great. We strive to DELIGHT them, to PARTNER with them, to INNOVATE for them.
  • We endeavour to GET THINGS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. But should we fail, we turn failures into valuable lessons. As excellence also requires the humility to recognize that EXCELLENCE IS A JOURNEY and not a one-time deal.

Core Value #2: Professional Discipline

  • “A good REPUTATION is more valuable than wealth.” – Alfonso Yuchengco
  • Now and then, INTEGRITY is the foundation on which we build our relationships with our customers, co-workers, and stakeholders.
  • We lead by example, from a position of TRUST and TRANSPARENCY and without thought of personal gain.
  • We STAND UP FOR OUR BELIEFS AND COMMITMENTS even when it is personally inconvenient to do so.
  • Times may be ever-changing and risks ever-growing but we continue to be FAIR in our dealings, to be ACCOUNTABLE for our actions, to be PRUDENT in the use of resources, and to be DISCIPLINED in every way.

Core Value #3: Loyalty

  • LOYALTY in YGC is not just defined by one’s length of service but more so by the depth of one’s MALASAKIT for organizational well-being.
  • This sense of ownership is found in how we TAKE PRIDE in organizational achievements, in how we WORK FOR ITS BEST INTERESTS, and in how we STAND BY YGC even during the worst of times.
  • We ENGAGE without ceasing, taking best care of company assets and good name.
  • YGC is personified in our collective pursuit of the common good, WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Core Value #4: Sense of Urgency

  • “There are only so many tomorrows. Do it now.” (Helen Y. Dee)
  • Sense of Urgency is the twin of Passion for Excellence. A high quality job is valuable only if it is DELIVERED ON TIME.
  • Thus, we cultivate the ENERGY TO RESPOND EXPEDIENTLY to the needs of our stakeholders and customers.
  • Not to wait for tomorrow if it can and should be done TODAY. Not to do things out of convenience but of NECESSSITY. Not to see time as a limiting factor but as a SOURCE OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.
  • Thus, among other things, we always make sure to PRIORITIZE and execute accordingly. And we LEARN FAST to adjust unforeseen circumstances.

Core Value #5: Teamwork

  • In YGC, we cultivate teams at ALL levels, across functions, and across companies.
  • We recognize that no matter how competent one is, we can only achieve our full potential as a TEAM.
  • Teamwork is valued and rewarded, given our belief that in YGC, HOW THE WORKS GETS DONE IS AS IMPORTANT AS GETTING THE WORK DONE.
  • We actively COMMUNICATE and COLLABORATE to meet our goals. We promote a work atmosphere where individual capabilities are recognized and where there is healthy exchange of ideas.
  • We are unrelenting in creating SYNERGY as we firmly believe that the best way to achieve success is through the power of US.