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FAQs for BS Aeronautical Engineering

What is BS Aeronautical Engineering?

Take control of your future with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering. Students will dive into workshops, labs, and design studios, where they’ll build, test, and refine aircraft components, gaining the practical skills needed to excel in the aviation industry.


From the thrill of seeing their first model airplane take flight to the satisfaction of troubleshooting a complex system, this program will give students the expertise to make their mark on the ever-evolving world of aerospace as aeronautical engineers.

What are the career opportunities for BS Aeronautical Engineering?

Graduates from Aeronautical Engineering may have the following career options:

1. Aircraft Interior Engineer

2. Aircraft Structural Engineer

3. Maintenance Engineer

4. Aircraft System Engineer

5. Aircraft Design Engineer

6. Flight Engineer

7. Research and Development
8. Aircraft Operation and Maintenance
9. Aviation Academe
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What are your facilities for BS Aeronatical Engineering and BS Aviation Management programs?

Mapúa MCL will launch a new facility, the Da Vinci Building, this AY 2024-2025 specifically for Aviation programs.

What are the Learning Experiences and advantages that we can experience when we enroll for BS Aeronautical Engineering?

Mapúa MCL offers the following unique training experiences for students:
1. One-on-One Aircraft Simulator Training (ALSIM 250 with Math Lab)
2. Cabin Simulator Training with Actual Emergency Slide Training
3. VR Training thru the use of Oculus VR Goggles
4. Composite Training Certification (certified by CAAP)
5. Sheet Metal Training Certification (certified by CAAP)
6. Fleet Maintenance Training with the use of CAMP System.  Continues aircraft maintenance program

What are the advantages of being a BS Aeronautical Engineering student from Mapúa MCL?

Aeronautical Engineering students from Mapúa MCL will have the following advantages:
1. Internship Program with Partner Companies
2. Mapúa Laguna Internal Competency Test
3. Incorporated Trainings and Certifications within the Curriculum

What are the software/equipment that you will use for BS Aeronautical Engineering?

The training software that will be used by Mapúa MCL students are the following:


1. CAMP System

2. Airbus A320 Computer Base Training Program

3. ALSIM 250 with MathLab 

4. SKyArt A320 Cabin and OEW Simulator Trainer

5. Heatcon Composite

6. Aviar Ground Handling VR Simulator

Is a medical exam required for Aeronautical Engineering?

All Mapúa MCL students are required to undergo a comprehensive medical exam.
Prospective MIA students are required to take the Ishihara test (eye exam).

How much does the tuition fee cost?

The tuition fee for Aeronautical Engineering is around PHP 53,306 – 55,000 for the first term of AY 2024-2025.
Specific trainings that MIA students will be part of may require separate fees, based on aviation industry standards.

How many years will it take to graduate with a degree in BS Aeronautical Engineering?

B.S. Aeronautical Engineering can be completed in 4 years (including the internship, trainings and certifications).

What are the certifications that the students of Mapúa-Laguna Institute of Aviation may take?

  • PRC for Aeronautical Engineering
  • CAAP for Aircraft Maintenance License Philippines