Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Student FAQs for A.Y. 2023-2024

Here's a student guide to know more about Mapúa MCL's opening of classes for A.Y. 2023-2024.

Frequently Asked Questions from Students

General FAQs

Are dormitories/apartments available near Mapúa MCL?

Dormitories/apartments are available near the campus.

Please note that Mapúa MCL has no existing partnerships or agreements with these dormitories, and it is highly advised that students and parents exercise caution when dealing with the various landowners near the Mapúa MCL campus.

Do you have shuttle services?

For information on the routes, schedules, and guidelines, see the full primer through this link.

Mapúa MCL’s shuttle services will be available for those who will be participating in F2F classes. Students or parents can directly coordinate with the Shuttle Service operators by sending them a message or through phone call.

Does Mapúa MCL have an official school uniform?

There is no required school uniform for Senior High School and College students except for P.E. uniforms, which will be available for purchase at the Mapúa MCL Blue and Silver Bookshop.


Other College programs may require uniforms upon advise of their respective program chair.


Please stay tuned to Mapúa MCL’s social media channels for further announcements regarding this.



Are there available parking spaces around Mapúa MCL?

Students who will bring cars can park in the designated parking spaces surrounding Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna. They are located beside the Centrale building and at the back of 7-Eleven. Upon passing through the SouthPoint Subdivision archway, you may turn left to access these parking areas.

How can I avail of the SouthPoint vehicle sticker?

Please see this link to learn how you can avail of the SouthPoint vehicle sticker.
Mapúa MCL students with vehicles who will be participating in F2F classes are required to avail of the 2022 SouthPoint Vehicle Sticker to enter the school premises.

Academic FAQs

What is Mapúa MCL FLUX and how will Mapúa MCL FLUX work?

Learn more about Mapúa MCL FLUX through this link.

Mapúa MCL will deliver learning sessions in multiple modes to cater to varied learner preferences and ensure learning continuity at any given condition.
All face-to-face learning sessions will be live streamed and recorded. There will no longer by any solely face-to-face sessions.
The learner can choose whether to participate via in-classroom (face-to-face), via live stream (synchronous online), or via recorded class session (asynchronous online) delivery modes.

What are the things I need to prepare to participate in Mapúa MCL FLUX courses?

In most Mapúa MCL FLUX classes, students do not have to bring their laptops, tablets, or other devices unless required for their classes. However, the learning experience will be richer for students attending class in person to have at least one device that can connect to the synchronous environment.
Students participating online will need stable internet access and technology as any other fully online student – available computer device with audio (microphone) and video (camera).
Also, students are advised to bring their hygiene kit or essentials for safety: ethyl/rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer, cleansing wipes/tissue, hand soap, and extra face masks.

How can I contact my son/daughter’s professor?

Parents and students may contact their respective professors through the messages feature on Blackboard Learn, and via email. Professors usually provide their email addresses during their first meeting with students.

In case needed, college and department officials may also be contacted via email. You may access the contact details for each college or department thru this link.

Students are advised to use their Mapúa MCL live e-mail account when transacting via e-mail.

How can I access my son/daughter’s grades?

Parents may use the Parent Portal to view students’ grades, load, schedule, bills, and payments. The Parent Portal is accessible through the Mapúa MCL website.

In case you experience difficulties in signing up, you may e-mail [email protected].

Who can we ask about my child's or daughter's grades?

Parents may access the contact details of the Senior High School and College departments here.
Parents are advised to contact the respective depertments and professors of their child about grades.

When and where can I claim my student I.D.?

Students may claim their school ID on-site at the Registrar’s Office, located at the 1st flr. J.P. Rizal building. Please bring a valid ID. If a representative will claim your ID for you, an authorization letter and a copy of your ID is required.
Office hours: Mondays to Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.