Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Mapúa MCL Renews Partnership with PTC-CSJ Foundation and Grants Scholarship to a New Batch of CMET Students

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna and the PTC-CSJ Foundation recently renewed their partnership last September 5, 2023. The event not only marked the continuation of a valuable alliance but also celebrated the awarding of scholarship grants to ten deserving students pursuing degrees in Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation.

The partnership renewal ceremony was attended by esteemed personalities from both institutions. Mapúa MCL’s President and CEO, Dr. Dodjie Maestrecampo, was present, underscoring the college’s commitment to providing students with the best opportunities for their education and future careers. Joining Dr. Maestrecampo were the Executive Vice President, Engr. Anthony Hilmer Medrano, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Engr. Maribel Songsong, who have played integral roles in strengthening Mapúa MCL’s educational programs.



Mrs. Carla Limcaoco, President of the PTC-CSJ Foundation, graced the occasion, highlighting the foundation’s dedication to supporting education and empowering young talents in the field of maritime studies.

The partnership between Mapúa MCL and the PTC-CSJ Foundation has been instrumental in providing financial assistance to aspiring maritime professionals. Through this collaboration, numerous students have been granted scholarships, easing their financial burdens, and allowing them to focus on their academic pursuits.

The ten students who were awarded scholarship grants during this ceremony represent a new generation of aspiring marine engineers and marine transportation experts. Their dedication to their studies, combined with the financial support from the PTC-CSJ Foundation, signifies a bright future for the maritime industry.



Dr. Maestrecampo, in his speech, highlighted the significance of partnerships like this one in advancing education. He emphasized the role of institutions and organizations working together to create a positive impact on society and the nation’s future.

Mrs. Carla Limcaoco expressed her delight in continuing the partnership with Mapúa MCL and congratulated the scholarship recipients. She reaffirmed PTC-CSJ Foundation’s commitment to fostering education and helping young talents achieve their dreams.

The scholarship recipients also expressed their gratitude and excitement about the opportunities this partnership brings. One of the awardees, Michelle Belling, shared, “I am honored and humbled to have been selected as a scholarship grantee of the PTC-CSJ Nurturing Filipino Seafarers Program, Batch 3. I thank the Lord for answering my prayer because this offers a plethora of advantages and benefits that will assist me in realizing my dream, making me a step closer to my goal of becoming a global maritime professional.

As the ceremony concluded, there was a sense of optimism in the air. The renewal of the partnership between Mapúa MCL and the PTC-CSJ Foundation not only strengthens the bond between these institutions but also serves as a beacon of hope for the aspiring marine engineers and transportation professionals who will benefit from this collaboration. It is a reminder that education and cooperation can truly transform lives and shape a brighter future for all.