Malayan Colleges Laguna

MCL holds CyberCamp 2020: A Walkthrough of MCL’s Virtual Learning Spaces

Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL), through its Admissions Office and Office for Educational Content Management (OECM) and in coordination with its faculty members from the colleges and MCL Senior High School (MCL-SHS), is holding MCL CyberCamp 2020: A Walkthrough of MCL’s Virtual Learning Spaces this July 21 to August 21.

CyberCamp 2020 course mentors from the colleges and MCL Senior High School.

Designed to help acquaint new enrolled students with MCL’s learning management system (LMS), which is key to the school’s New Normal Learning Delivery Program, CyberCamp 2020 is also an opportunity for new students to review essentials in Math, Science, and English.

“We made sure we covered the relevant topics as freshmen take their online academic courses for the incoming school year. It also gives them a chance to practice answering assessments, discussion boards, and connect online with their peers and mentors,” said Asst. Prof. Abigail Joy Rodelas-Angelia, OECM Director. “Exposure to these skills is crucial to student success, that’s why their participation in CyberCamp can propel them to do better in their academic courses. This way, they can warm up to a learning platform that may otherwise be unfamiliar to them.”

According to Asst. Prof. Angelia, CyberCamp 2020 is a freshman encounter, an acquaintance party, and a deep dive into the MCL online academic platforms. The experience also boosts of perks such as free access to Coursera, live virtual classes from expert mentors, and rich discussions with classmates and peers.

CyberCamp 2020 participants share their tips for successful online learning.

“This year is remarkable and exciting because not only will MCL offer online courses, we will also offer fully online degrees, and the CyberCamp experience will give students a head start on our platforms,” Asst. Prof. Angelia continued. “While it’s a fact that younger students are more comfortable with technology (Czaja, etal., 2006), there’s still a learning curve that students need to surpass in order to be more familiar and competent with the use of apps and tools related to learning. It is the team’s hope that this learning curve will be less steep for students who joined this course.”

Based on comments from participants, CyberCamp 2020 has been successful so far in helping students adjust to the New Normal that is online learning.

“We are overwhelmed with the response and positive feedback from new MCL students regarding their experience,” shared Asst. Prof. Angelia. “It is not only a chance for new students to get to know MCL better, but it is also an opportunity for the mentors to get to know how creative, talented, and smart this new generation is.”

New MCL-SHS students and college freshmen may join CyberCamp 2020 by logging in to Blackboard Learn, the MCL LMS.