Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Internationalization and Global Engagement

Driven by a commitment to nurturing tomorrow’s leaders, Mapúa MCL embraces an inclusive, internationalized learning environment. Through its Office for Strategic Partnerships and Global Engagement under the Office of the Assistant Vice-President for External Relations and Global Linkages (OAVP-ERGL), Mapúa MCL fosters meaningful connections that propel students, faculty, and the institution beyond borders.
These offices provide programmatic support to the Colleges in all its internationalization activities such as but not limited to:



Global Research Collaboration

Cultural Exchange Programs

Mapúa E.X.C.H.A.N.G.E

Mapua E.X.C.H.A.N.G.E. (Exchanging Culture, History, and New Global Experiences) captures the main thrust of Mapúa MCL’s internationalization programs. Launched in 2023, it expends the institutions global footprint for meaningful collaboration.
International Students and participants to Mapúa MCL EXCHANGE activities are assisted by OSPGE and ERGL in placement, documentation, psycho-social and academic support needs.

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Prof. James Ronald O. Mesina
Assistant Vice-President for External Relations and Global Linkages
Email: [email protected]