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Learning Environments and Innovations Office


The Malayan Colleges Laguna Learning Environments and Innovations Office (LEIO) is an academic support service unit that is dedicated to the enhancement and advancement of the teaching-learning atmosphere of traditional and virtual domains, and their hybrids.

Its predominant characteristic is to help provide context to the design and development of educational or training materials and/or programs based on the set initiatives of Malayan Colleges Laguna.


Learning Management System
A suite of functionalities designed to deliver, track, report on and manage learning content, learner progress and learner interactions.

Capable of course building, extensive reporting, assessment and collaboration options, and with flexibility for matching the learning environment to the unique learning preference of the students.

Learning Content Management
Manages and shares learning resources, supporting efficient re-use of existing internal learning materials and the ability to connect to external educational resources.

Learner-centered personal and social learning tool for storing, organizing, reflecting on, and sharing outputs that demonstrate the individual lifelong learners’ experiences, goals and progress.

Learning Spaces
Providing access to physical and virtual learning resources thereby delivering learning opportunities where and when it is convenient whether inside or outside the school, stationary or on the move.

Usage of assessment data to offer predictive analytics and other useful information to educators identifying intervention needs and provide basis for data-driven decision making.

Learning Content Capture
Develop, produce, and broadcast learning modules and rich media presentations to local and remote audiences – live and on-demand.

Learning Community
The Professional Learning Community (PLC) considers the teaching and learning agenda of MCL coming from various impetuses (pedagogical, technological, or content knowledge approaches at the very least).

PLCs are multidisciplinary and are guided primarily by these tenets:
• Ensure that students learn;
• Nurture a culture of collaboration; and
• Focus on results.


Facilitate learning and development on the use of:
• Learning Management System (Blackboard Learn)
• Educational Technology
• Instructional Design

Faculty, staff and students are invited to attend scheduled training sessions.

NOTE: If you do not see any upcoming sessions listed for a particular topic please contact us to set up a session time that will work with your schedule.

Deskside coaching:
Meet with an E-learning specialist to receive customized, one-on-one Blackboard assistance based on your needs

Customized Training for Departments:
Departments can request customized Blackboard training for their staff. Sessions might range from a one-time workshop to a multi-session training series. This training can take place at the department’s office space, or a training lab can be reserved for the session.

Course-Specific Training for Classes:
Instructors can request one-time or multi-session class training workshops on Blackboard tools and strategies led by E-Learning specialists.

To request for a coaching or training session, e-mail: [email protected]

Online Blackboard Support

For Students
Videos for Students

For Instructors
Videos for Instructors

Blackboard Collaborate: For Moderators
Blackboard Collaborate: For Participants

Blackboard App

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