Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Instructional Facilities Office


The Instructional Facilities Office (IFO) is the institutionalized administrative center for all laboratories in MCL.


  • To guarantee that qualified laboratory personnel, appropriate facilities, equipment, and materials are available as required in the program curricula offered by MCL;
  • To develop, manage, and ensure implementation of policies, procedures, and programs for good laboratory practice in each laboratory of MCL; and
  • To secure that all facilities, equipment, and materials in the laboratory are provided with their corresponding safety guidelines that will protect the students, faculty members, and staff from potential health hazards and accidents.

Functions & Responsibilities

  • Understand the tasks they are to perform and where necessary, provide training for these functions;
  • Secure the safety of all the laboratory equipment and materials;
  • Maintain an updated record of inventories, inspection, maintenance, calibration and etc. of all laboratory equipment;
  • Take responsibility of acquisitions, repairs, and maintenance of all the required equipment and materials for the laboratories;
  • Provide services and assistance to the students and faculty members throughout the laboratory period;
  • Offer monitoring on the implementations of the policies, procedures, and programs of all laboratories of MCL;
  • Provide all staff, faculty, and students who work with identified potential safe hazard equipment an opportunity to receive medical attention;
  • Offer a regular safety training program to all staff, faculty, and students who will use the laboratory; and
  • Ensure that the proper disposals of wastes generated by the laboratory are always in accordance with the law set by the MCL and the government.