Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Information Technology Services Office


ITSO is the enabler and provider of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of MCL. It is their duty to ensure MCL’s competitive edge in the use of ICT as a leader in innovation in the region.


Embarking on the excellent and state of the art Information Technology infrastructure of Malayan Colleges Laguna, students enrolled in Malayan Colleges Laguna enjoy these privileges once enrolled under the administration of the Information Technology Services Office (ITSO).


We are a workforce of researchers and innovators that instigate a secure, reliable and fault-tolerant information infrastructure; we pioneer solutions and adopt the industries’ best practices to deliver information with accuracy and reliability.


The Information Technology Services Office, with its competent workforce, provides appropriate ICT services, through the utilization of existing and new technologies, committed to effect continuing quality improvement in the Academic, Administrative, and Student Services.


    Each student is given an identification card (MCL ID) with unique security features based on radio frequencies or contact-less SMART card technology. The MCL ID shall serve as the primary badge for access to all entrance points of the MCL buildings.
    Students, applicants and other interested parties may visit the official website of Malayan Colleges Laguna for the latest news articles, announcements, and important dates to remember among other relevant and pertinent information pertaining to Malayan Colleges Laguna and all its colleges. The site’s URL is
  • OnE MCL
    It is the students portal for online course reservation and sectioning. You can also find other things in your OnEMCL account like grades, curriculum, payment history and more.
    Self-service portal:
    To be able to reset your password yourselves and avoid hassle of going to ITSO every time you need to change your OnEMCL password, we encourage you to register your account. Read the password registration guide on the below link;You need to register only once.
    Once registered, you may reset your password yourselves.The link below guides you on how to reset your password;
    Each student, while staying in Malayan Colleges Laguna to study shall be provided with an electronic mail box with a size of 500 MB. This electronic mail shall be used by the student for personal use and for submission of required projects via the Internet using the SMTP protocol. The student email shall be constructed using the format:initials (given name and middle name) [email protected]: Juan Miguel I. Dela Cruz – [email protected] email system is in partnership with Microsoft Philippines through the Microsoft hotmail portal.Students are advised to proceed to ITSO (Second Floor, Jose Rizal Hall) for activation.
    Anywhere in the campus, be it in the cafeteria, student lounges, the Center for Learning and Information Resources, Auditorium, the gardens, or at the Track Oval, students and employees can access the Internet using their personal laptop computers.