Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Center for Student Advising


The Center for Student Advising (CSA) of the Student Affairs Office (SAO) ensures the provision of an integrated advising experience for all students in the MCL learning environment. It works collaboratively with academic and non-academic departments in providing students with relevant information to successfully cope with the transitional and developmental experiences, and in creating an enabling environment for academic success and satisfaction. With its program-based advising, CSA helps students develop and attain their goals (i.e. personal, academic and career) in line with the program educational objectives and student outcomes.

Functions & Responsibilities

The following are the functions and responsibilities of this office:

  • To provide general advising services in furtherance of students’ knowledge and understanding of themselves in relation to MCL core values, administrative system, academic processes and quality standards;
  • To monitor, review and evaluate the implementation of Integrated Advising for Student-Centered Enrichment and Development (I-ASCEND) program from course to institutional level; and
  • To coordinate the advising and mentoring of identified student groups, particularly those under the MCL sports and athletics program.