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The CGC aims to assist and guide students in the process of self-evaluation, maintaining a balanced and healthy personality, achieving academic efficiency and enhancing fundamental life skills needed to be well adjusted and highly functional persons.


The Center for Guidance and Counseling (CGC) offers the following Guidance Services and Mental Health Support:

COUNSELING – In keeping with the development in the profession, the term, “counseling”, to the layman, is considered synonymous to, and interchangeable with, guidance and counseling, but to professional counselors, it is a face-to-face helping relationship. It is a mission of service (Sec. 3 R.A. 9258). CGC now offers Online Counseling for students and employees that provide therapeutic intervention to address mental health issues. Online counseling is done through video conferences, online calls, chats and e-mails.

CONSULTATION – May occur when significant others such as parents, faculty, administrators and community would request for CGC personnel’s expertise in responding to the needs of the students. Consultation or online consultation maybe in a form of personal advising, giving talks, seminars/workshops, webinars and acting as a resource person.

GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING INFORMATION – Activities where descriptive materials are organized and disseminated to the students through individual counseling or planned group activities to help the students make informed and appropriate decisions with their academic, personal/social and career life. Mental Health Awareness will be part of the guidance and counseling information.

ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION – Assessment refers to the administration, scoring and interpretation of standardized psychological tests to determine objectively the specific characteristics of individuals while evaluation according to Villar (2014) is done to discover whether guidance programs, services or activities attain the goals for which they were implemented.

MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM – In keeping with RA 11036 or the Mental Health Act, CGC highlights in all its services and activities the mental health and psychosocial support to MCL students including the faculty and non-teaching personnel.

For more information on mental health, visit the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Blackboard Courses:

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