Malayan Colleges Laguna

Career Readiness Toolkit: Paving Pathways to Success

By: Angeline Ruth J. Bermil

On June 26, 2023, the Office for Strategic Partnerships and Global Engagement (OSPGE) organized its second Career Readiness Toolkit – a series under the Pathways to Employability program – which is a career workshop seminar arranged to provide students applying for internships proper guidance on crafting competitive resumes and acing job interviews. The event was held in the third-floor rooms of the Einstein Building of Mapua Malayan Colleges Laguna and brought together 35 students from different programs such are Accountancy, Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Psychology, Multimedia Arts, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

The upskilling session was once again led by Ms. Joanna Pareja, a workforce development professional who is also the Program Operations Lead of National Teacher’s College (NTC), and the designated Program Lead for the implementation of PEP (Professional Education Program), EPS (Employer Partnership System) and GTS (Graduate Tracking System) across all iPeople schools.

The career readiness workshop was designed to address the specific needs of students preparing to enter the competitive job market. By focusing on two critical components of the application process — resume writing and interview preparation — the seminar aimed to equip participants with the essential skills and confidence needed to stand out among their peers.

Led by a credible professional the resume-writing session delved into the details of constructing a compelling curriculum vitae, as well as discussing the difference between a CV and a resume. Attendees were taught how to effectively showcase their academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and relevant experiences concisely and effectively. By receiving personalized feedback and practical tips, students gained a deeper understanding of how to tailor their resumes to the specific requirements of different internship positions.

By providing crucial insights and fostering self-assurance, this career readiness workshop seminar offers a transformative experience for students seeking internships and work experience. Equipped with refined resumes and polished interview skills, these aspiring professionals are constantly supported by the institution to make lasting impressions on potential employers, propelling them towards a future filled with opportunities and success.