Malayan Colleges Laguna

Availment of Scholarships and Incentives

1. Since the admissions examinations are waived for A.Y. 2022-2023, a separate entrance scholarship examination will be conducted to those who wish to apply. This will be scheduled in August.

2. Only the enrolled students are eligible to apply for the entrance scholarship exam.

3. If the student qualifies for the scholarship, the value/amount of the scholarship:

a. May be deducted from the current balance of the student.

b. May be refunded as requested by the student and parent/s.

c. May be carried over to the next term/semester.

4. Application for the Athletic Scholarship Program and the conduct of try-outs is postponed until further notice.

5. Availment of the following scholarship grants and discounts may be applied upon enrollment provided that all required supporting documents are submitted:

a. Sibling Discount – birth certificate of the siblings; and proof that the elder sibling is already enrolled.

b. YGC and Ayala Promotional Discount – application form and waiver with certification from the HR Head; scanned copy of company ID of the parent who is employed at YGC/Ayala

Learn more about the scholarships and financial assistance programs at MCL here.

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