Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Availment of Scholarships and Incentives

1. Only applicants with confirmed application are eligible to apply for scholarship.​

2. If the student qualifies for the scholarship, the value/amount of the scholarship:

a. May be deducted from the current balance of the student.

b. May be refunded as requested by the student and parent/s.

c. May be carried over to the next term/semester.

3. Application for the Athletic Scholarship Program and the conduct of try-outs will be announced soon.​

4. Availment of the following scholarship grants and discounts may be applied upon enrollment provided that all required supporting documents are submitted:

a. Sibling Discount – birth certificate of the siblings; and proof that the elder sibling is already enrolled.

b. YGC and Ayala Promotional Discount – application form and waiver with certification from the HR Head; scanned copy of company ID of the parent who is employed at YGC/Ayala

Learn more about the scholarships and financial assistance programs at Mapúa MCL here.

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