Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Thought Leadership Series: Building Professionals in the VUCA World

The Thought Leadership Series, a prominent program under the Pathways to Employability, returned with resounding success after a hiatus since 2020. Held in a hybrid setup, the event brought together 80 participants onsite and connected with an additional 150 attendees online on May 8, 2023.

The Office for Strategic Partnership and Global Engagements invited Dr. Geoffrey Nnadiri, a distinguished of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna alumnus. Graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Nnadiri shared inspiring insights on “Building Professionals in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) World.”

As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, Dr. Nnadiri’s talk provided a breath of fresh air and much-needed inspiration. Drawing from his own experiences and professional journey, he shared invaluable wisdom that resonated deeply with the audience.

Addressing the global responsibility context, Dr. Nnadiri highlighted the transformative goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasizing that every individual has a role to play in shaping a better world. To succeed in such an unpredictable environment, the Mapua MCL Alumnus stressed the importance of strategic thinking, preparedness, and collaboration.

Dr. Nnadiri urged the audience to strategize. In a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, professionals must adopt a strategic mindset. By setting clear goals, developing actionable plans, and adapting to changing circumstances, individuals can navigate the ever-evolving professional landscape with confidence and purpose.

Being prepared is another crucial aspect highlighted by Dr. Nnadiri pointing out the value of continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends and advancements. Professionals who actively seek knowledge, refine their skills, and anticipate potential challenges are better equipped to handle the unexpected and seize opportunities as they arise.

Collaboration is vital in VUCA world according. Dr. Nnadiri shared that there is power in collective intelligence and significance in building strong networks. By fostering collaboration, professionals can tap into diverse perspectives, leverage complementary strengths, and collectively tackle complex problems that transcend individual capabilities.

Furthermore, the speaker who is currently working as Solutions Consultant in Hilti Philippines explained the need to be problem solvers. In a rapidly changing world, the ability to analyze challenges, think critically, and offer innovative solutions is extremely useful. By cultivating a problem-solving mindset, professionals can proactively address issues, drive positive change, and contribute to the success of their organizations.

While the VUCA world presents its share of challenges, Dr. Nnadiri reminded the audience to find joy in their work. “Have fun at work,”. Engaging in activities that bring enjoyment and foster positive work environment not only enhances productivity but also nurtures a sense of fulfillment and well-being. By finding a balance between work and play, professionals can create a harmonious and rewarding professional journey.

As the session drew to a close, Dr. Nnadiri left the audience with a poignant reflection: “In volatility, gain value. In uncertainty, gain understanding. In complexity, gain competence. In ambiguity, gain clarity and direction.” These words encapsulated the essence of his talk, urging everyone to navigate through challenges and transform adversity into opportunities for growth.

The Thought Leadership Series served as a remarkable platform for practitioners to share their journey and experiences with future professionals. Dr. Nnadiri’s insights on building professionals in the VUCA world provided valuable guidance for the students, equipping them with knowledge and motivation to navigate the complexities of the modern professional landscape.