Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Student Council

For A.Y. 2020-2021 College of Arts and Science (CAS) Student Council

PresidentBanca, Cherie Anne S.
Vice PresidentMagtoto, Nicka Mae P.
Secretary for Information and CommunicationLlanos, Abbeyking G.
Secretary for TreasuryRodrigo, Don Derek
Secretary for AuditManalang, Cinderella Leilla T.
Program RepresentativesLorino, Danwell Henry M.
(Independent – BA COMM Representative)

Recio, Marya Christeen Josephine D.
(Independent – BMMA Program Representative)

Student Representatives to the Supreme Student Council

Chu, Ian Paulo M.
Opina, Mikaela Jane M.
Rojas, Ramela T.

College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS) Student Council

PresidentMarzo, Christian Gabriel
Vice PresidentCellona, Miguel Patrick
Secretary for Information and CommunicationSalcedo, Donmarc Bryan
Secretary for TreasuryRabano, Charmaine Eunice
Secretary for AuditLipat, Job
Program RepresentativeZaraspe, Mark Anthony P.
(ASCII IT Program Representative)
Student Representative to the Supreme Student CouncilGnilo, Michael James

Mapúa-PTC College of Maritime Education and Training (CMET) Student Council

PresidentVillar, Michael
Vice PresidentMina, Jonnar
Secretary for Information and CommunicationCayabyab, Mhody Ian
Secretary for TreasuryAmata, Christian Khallil
Secretary for AuditCaballero, Paul Anthony
Program RepresentativesMaglinao, Jhowin Homer
(Independent – MarE Representative)

Rosal, Frederick Bryan
(Independent, MT Representative)
Board DirectorsRioveros, Gerald (Independent)

Del Rio, Paul Vincent (Independent)

Grafil, Mark Kevin (Independent)

Agner, Joven P. (Independent)
Student Representatives to the Supreme Student CouncilArreo, Melbert Jim (Independent)

Vergil, G. Lontoc (Independent)

E.T. Yuchengco College of Business (ETYCB) Student Council

PresidentLeyeza, Ralph Stephen
(CLEAR)Vice PresidentMarquez, Patricia Ley
(CLEAR)Secretary for Information and CommunicationLogo, Shiolamite
(CLEAR)Secretary for TreasuryVillamin, Christal Mae
(CLEAR)Secretary for AuditCruz, Joan Louise Chines
(CLEAR)Program RepresentativesSibanico, Raylen
(CLEAR – ACT Representative)

Cornejo, Jhanet Ann
(CLEAR – ENT Representative)

Magno, Ena Patricia Kathleen
(CLEAR – HM Representative)

Recaido, Kurt Dillan
(CLEAR – TM Representative)Board DirectorsArribe, Marie Danielle (CLEAR)

Bergonio, Jhanella (CLEAR)

Diaz, Chrisna Mae (CLEAR)

Hernandez, Ann Margareth (CLEAR)Student Representatives to the Supreme Student CouncilCortez, Jeric Christopher A. (CLEAR)

Lafradez, Aira Ruby L. (CLEAR) 

Mapúa Institute of Technology at Laguna (MITL) Student Council

PresidentNadal, Fernan
Vice PresidentBorjal, Franchesca Alexa
Secretary for Information and CommunicationObnial, Carlos Ivan
Secretary for TreasuryFlorencio, Jessica Lynn
Secretary for AuditMontoya, Xyla Vyleth B.
Program RepresentativesEluna, Angela
(PARTRES – CE Representative)

Lapitan, Eunice
(PARTRES – ChE Representative)

Calma, Camille
(PARTRES – CoE Representative)

Reyes, Glesica Mae B.
(PARTRES – ECE Representative)

Fruelda, Krishiel Anne
(PARTRES – EE Representative)

Barcelon, Angelica
(PARTRES – IE Representative)

De Lantar, Aimareen C.
(PARTRES – ME Representative)
Board DirectorsCosico, Amiellen Gabrielle (PARTRES)

Morales, Caitlin Gail (PARTRES)

Ornales, Cassandra Faith (PARTRES)
Student Representatives to the Supreme Student CouncilReyes, Princess Nicole (PARTRES)

Silverio, Jenelle (PARTRES)

Velasco, Angelo James (PARTRES)

MCL Senior High School (MCL-SHS) Student Council

PresidentFameronag, Jefferson
Vice PresidentDe Mesa, Ma. Czifriani
Secretary for Information and CommunicationDela Torre, Honeylynne
Secretary for FinanceDe Leon, Hannah Faith
Secretary for ManagementOfrecio, Kersey Angelique
Secretary for AuditDela Cruz, Gabrielle Anne
Strand RepresentativesManaig, Pearl Margarette
(SILAKBO – ABM-A Representative)

Corales, Mark Laurens R.
(SILAKBO – ABM-B Representative)

Kalaw, Amanda Simone Ma. Katrina
(SILAKBO – HE Representative)

Niebres, Cristine Joy
(SILAKBO – HUMMS Representative)

Batalon, Reinaliza
(SILAKBO – ICT Representative)

Barrion, Lance Collin
(SILAKBO – PBM Representative)

Aquino, Chelsea Ann Celeste
(SILAKBO – STEM-M Representative)

Sambrano, Romella Sheene
(SILAKBO – STEM-S Representative)
Student Representatives to the Supreme Student CouncilGutierrez, Fristan (SILAKBO)

Maligaya, Mariah Geline M. (SILAKBO)

Dayto, Lefriz (SILAKBO)