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MCL Fully Online Degrees: Empowering students with flexibility and convenience

Life may sometimes get in the way of finishing one’s studies – whether it’s because of the need to work, concerns for safety in the time of a pandemic, or some other obligation that needs to be prioritized, making the choice to stop is never an easy one. But in an age when tools for learning are now available online, such circumstances need not be a hindrance anymore.

As it aims to be the leader in digital learning, and in order to cater to tertiary students whose learning needs are different from the norm, Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) is now launching Fully Online Degree programs for Engineering and Information Technology. A Mapua School, it has Mapua University’s world-renowned educational heritage and expertise in these fields embedded in its DNA, making sure that learners are equipped to excel, lead, and innovate in a changing society.

“Even before the pandemic, MCL has been constantly looking into ways on how we can bring its offerings closer to individuals that are also aspiring to earn a degree and fulfill their life’s ambition,” shared Engr. Anthony Hilmer S. Medrano, Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “We all know that MCL as a Mapua School lives with the legacy of Mapua University, and we can also see that in how MCL’s graduates are performing after they graduate.”

“We want to extend the same opportunity to individuals who, because of their situation, are somehow restricted in pursuing their career of choice. The Fully Online Degree programs of MCL presents the solution to these different scenarios and bring the offerings to those in need and aspire to improve their career,” he added.

With Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Fully Online Degree programs, you can now continue taking your college degree with flexibility – at your own pace, and wherever you may be.

Are you a student looking to enroll for a fully online degree? Here are some of the reasons why Malayan Colleges Laguna is the viable school choice:

· Self-Paced and Accessible Learning – Anytime, Anywhere

Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Fully Online Degree programs are powered by Blackboard Learn (BBL), a virtual learning environment and learning management system. Through BBL, online modules are available anytime and anywhere, allowing for convenient, self-paced learning that you can easily fit into your busy schedule, even if you’re employed or pursuing other passions. There will never be a need for you to go to the school campus, so you can enroll for your program of choice even if you live as far as Baguio City, Cebu City, or abroad. School fees for fully online degrees are also more affordable than for regular degrees, making them more accessible to everyone.

· Highly Qualified, Online-Ready Faculty

Malayan Colleges Laguna’s faculty members are not only highly qualified – they are also well-trained in the online delivery of learning, especially with tools being in place for over a decade. Mentors maximize the use of these tools, ensuring that the transition to a fully online educational experience is seamless for students.

· Easy Access to Online Resources and Tools

As you navigate your fully online degree, you may find that you sometimes need additional learning materials for research projects and assignments. Malayan Colleges Laguna’s library, the Center for Learning Information and Resources, offers a myriad of online services that allow you to request for scanned book chapters, e-copies of theses, e-journals, and more. Through its Innovative Learning System, E-learning tools such as Wiley Digital Solutions, Blackboard Collaborate, ScienceDirect, Britannica Academic, Labster, LinkedIn Learning and Coursera are also available.

· Strong Student Intervention Programs

Shifting to fully online learning may bring challenges with it, especially when it comes to juggling time. Malayan Colleges Laguna offers student intervention programs that allow you to connect with life coaches who can support and guide you to surpass these difficulties even as you pursue a professional work life.

· Online Admissions

For your safety and convenience, Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Admissions Office has prepared a fully online process for new student admission and application. Enrollment can be done remotely with a few clicks and the online submission of credentials and documents.

Ever dedicated to its mission and vision, Malayan Colleges Laguna has always had its focus on transforming its students into globally competitive professionals. Now, this learning environment has been made available online, allowing you, students who are different from the norm – students who need flexibility – to pursue the same quality of education and finish the degree of your choice without sacrificing anything else that life demands from you.

Malayan Colleges Laguna offers Fully Online Degrees for B.S. Electronics Engineering, B.S. Industrial Engineering, and B.S. Information Technology. Enrollment is now ongoing for A.Y. 2021-2022.

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