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Mapúa MCL iConnect: Building Employable Graduates through Collaborative Partnerships

Mapúa MCL iConnect: Building Employable Graduates through Collaborative Partnerships


By: Ivana Ruth Vidal

On January 5, 2024, the Office for Strategic Partnerships and Global Engagement (OSPGE) hit the refresh button on its Marketplace of Opportunities: iConnect specifically geared towards the current and upcoming batch of practicum students. This is a continued commitment of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna (Mapúa MCL) in bridging the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that its students are equipped with skills and experience employers seek.

iConnect, aptly named for its focus on “industry connect,” serves as a crucial platform connecting students with established industry partners. The program aims to provide practical, real-world learning opportunities that complement classroom education. More importantly, it equips students with the necessary skills and experience to seamlessly transition into the workforce upon graduation.



Monde Nissin Corporation, Ayala Property Management Corporation, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, and Sol Psychological Services were the participating industry partners during the activity. Each representative introduced their companies to the students, discussed their internship application process, and shared the different opportunities they offer once the students graduate.

Students were given the chance to ask their questions directly to the industry partners. From seeking clarification on specific internship roles to expressing their aspirations for future careers. The event fostered a sense of excitement and anticipation among the students, eager to apply their academic learnings in a real-world setting and gain valuable professional experience that would give them a head start in their careers.

However, the impact of iConnect extends beyond the individual student benefits. By fostering strong partnerships between Mapúa MCL and industry leaders, the program strengthens the university’s curriculum, ensuring it remains relevant and aligned with the current needs of the industry. This collaborative approach not only enhances graduate employability but also contributes to the overall development of the country’s workforce, preparing future professionals with skills and experience needed to drive innovation and success in various industries.