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Mapúa MCL Hosts First Faculty Mobility Program in Collaboration with UEU, Indonesia

Mapúa MCL Hosts First Faculty Mobility Program in Collaboration with UEU, Indonesia


By: Ivana Ruth C. Vidal

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna (Mapúa MCL) hosted its first Faculty Mobility Program in collaboration with Universitas Esa Unggul (UEU), a fellow member of the Cintana Education Alliance, last January 29 to February 2, 2024.



The partnership of Mapúa MCL and the Cintana Education Alliance bridges borders, bringing together universities for international faculty and student exchange, collaborative research, and innovative curriculum development. This enhances students’ learning with diverse perspectives and fuels impactful research, equips graduates with globally relevant skills, and strengthens collaborative ties across the region and the world.

While it marked the first time Mapúa MCL launched such a program, Dr. Jeremy Paul Gecolea has already previously participated in a faculty mobility program facilitated by UEU last October 2023. This collaborative initiative demonstrates Mapúa MCL’s dedicated to enriching the academic experiences of both its faculty and students.

Dr. Jeremy, reflecting on his UEU experience, emphasized how exposure to differing viewpoints fostered his knowledge of varied teaching methods and how economies respond to the shifting business, economic, and marketing dynamics.

Upon arrival, Dr. Mira Kartika Dewi Djunaedi, visiting lecturer from UEU’s Faculty of Business and Economics, was warmly welcomed by the Mapúa MCL community. Dean Maria Rhodora Austria of the E.T. Yuchengco College of Business (ETYCB) set the tone with a heartfelt address, officially kicking off the welcoming program. In response, Dr. Mira conveyed her excitement and eagerness for the transformative collaborations that lie ahead throughout her stay.



Ms. Pearl Stephanie Ulep, Director for Strategic Partnerships and Global Engagement, provided a comprehensive overview of Mapúa MCL, highlighting its achievements and offerings. Taking the introduction a step further, selected Tourism Management students embarked on a campus tour with Dr. Mira where the various facilities that contribute to Mapúa MCL’s unique learning environment and academic excellence were showcased.



As part of the week-long faculty mobility program, Dr. Mira joined forces with Dr. Jeremy Paul  Gecolea, Mr. Rocky Angelo Gabatin, and Prof. James Ronald Mesina. Together, the professors led a series of engaging Classroom Sessions and Global Signature Courses that facilitated a vibrant exchange of academic ideas and knowledge sharing amongst participants.



Dr. Mira, along with the collaborating professors, spearheaded the collaborative discussions on Economics and Sustainability Strategy, encouraging dialogue between students and the visiting lecturer. This immersive experience offered students valuable insights into Indonesia’s practices in these crucial areas, sparking critical thinking and broadening their understanding.



Stepping beyond the classroom, Mapúa MCL’s Office for External Relations and Global Linkages (OERGL) curated a rich cultural immersion experience for Dr. Mira. Cultural and historical tours across Laguna and Manila offered firsthand encounters with the Philippines’ vibrant heritage, deepening understanding and appreciation for the country’s unique culture and history.



The first faculty mobility program hosted by Mapúa MCL in collaboration with UEU proved to be a resounding success, exceeding expectations, and setting a strong precedent for future collaborations. Dr. Mira Kartika Dewi Djunaedi’s insightful experience encompassed academic exchange, cultural immersion, and developed meaningful connections between the faculty and students from both institutions.

Following the success of the faculty mobility program between the two institutions, Mapúa MCL and UEU are poised for a flourishing partnership with exciting prospects for collaboration. Joint ventures on research, service-learning, and student and faculty mobility are actively being explored. This paves the way for deeper engagement within the Cintana Alliance and beyond, bringing together shared expertise and preparing students to excel in a globalized world.