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Online or face-to-face classes? Make your choice at Malayan Colleges Laguna.

Online or face-to-face classes? Make your choice at Malayan Colleges Laguna.

Limited face-to-face classes will open upon IATF approval.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of education, especially with the many limitations placed on the various sectors of society. With education being one of those hit the hardest, students and teachers all over the world were forced to find remote solutions so that learning and teaching can continue, even online.

Thanks to its Innovative Learning System having been in place for blended learning even before the pandemic, Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) was able to smoothly transition to fully online learning for its students. Still, despite the convenience of learning at home, the fact remains that there are those who would like the choice to continue with face-to-face classes, at least once deemed safe by the government to resume.

With more than a year having passed since the outbreak of the pandemic, and with both the government and education institutions working to address the many issues it brought about, the day that students can once again meet with their professors and classmates in person may be fast approaching.

As the number one private school in CALABARZON, Malayan Colleges Laguna is prepared to cater to the varying needs of students with its two Flexible Learning Options for its students:

Blended Learning Option
Blended Online and On-Campus Learning

Once allowed by the government, students may opt for limited face-to-face classes on campus combined with online learning through the MCL Online portal. The Blended Learning Option is for those who would prefer to meet with their professors and classmates, especially for classes that may require hands-on use of equipment, such as for laboratory courses.

Malayan Colleges Laguna will follow the 4-10 cyclical shifting model, where students may attend on-campus classes for four (4) consecutive days before reverting to fully remote learning for ten (10) straight days.

A maximum of 20 students per class will be allowed for on-campus courses. With the enforcement of strict health and safety protocols against COVID-19, students and parents are assured of everyone’s safety on the campus.

Remote Learning Option
Fully Online Learning

Malayan Colleges Laguna understands that there are students and parents who may not be comfortable with leaving the safety of home at this time. For this, the Remote Learning Option will still be offered for students who prefer not to go campus for limited face-to-face classes. With this option, students may continue with fully online learning through the MCL Online portal.

This option requires students to have a home internet connection and learning devices such as laptops, desktop computers, or tablets to be able to participate in synchronous and asynchronous classes, as well as submit assessments and other requirements.

Fully Online Degrees are also available for busy students who need more flexibility as they pursue their college education. With the fully asynchronous classes for Fully Online Degree students, learners can study at their own pace, anywhere and anytime.

Interested in having access to these Flexible Learning Options? Choose the option that works best for you, Right Here. Whichever your choice, Malayan Colleges Laguna is dedicated to bringing you the same quality education that will enable you to launch your career of choice and become a globally competitive professional.

Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Senior High School and College programs are open for enrollment for A.Y. 2021-2022. Start your learning journey with us today.

FAQs: MCL’s Flexible Learning Options

When will students be allowed to attend face-to-face classes?
Limited face-to-face classes for Senior High School and College students with selected laboratory courses will be held as soon as approved by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Department of Education (DepEd), and Local Government Units (LGUs). This will be part of the Blended Learning Option.

Can I choose to continue with fully online even when the government allows students to go back to the campus?
Yes, MCL students will be allowed to continue with the Remote Learning Option, through which fully online learning and easy access to resources and assessments are available via the MCL Online portal. With the MCL Innovative Learning System, students are assured to receive the same quality education regardless of the learning option selected.

Will all students be allowed to attend limited face-to-face classes?
Students who have courses that require hands-on exercises, such as laboratory courses, will be allowed to attend face-to-face classes in the campus.

Can I now register for limited face-to-face classes?
Not yet. The availability of limited face-to-face classes will depend on the IATF’s approval.

How safe are students during limited face-to-face classes?
Strict health and safety protocols against COVID-19 will be in place for everyone in the campus so that students, parents, and teachers can rest assured of their safety.