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Office for Strategic Partnerships and Global Engagement


The Office for Strategic Partnerships and Global Engagement (OSPGE) is the gateway to all linkages and collaboration programs of Malayan Colleges Laguna. It is under the Office of the Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer. OSPGE takes the lead in forging partnerships and linkages with industry leaders, academic institutions that share the same vision and value for collaboration and mutual cooperation, government agencies and instrumentalities, non-government organizations, and private groups.

Essentially, the OSPGE is a support units for the different colleges and departments that need to have external programs and linkages as part and parcel of the institution’s advocacy for outcomes-based education (OBE) and 21st century teaching and learning.

Specifically, the following are the services offered by the Office:

1. Facilitation of institutional agreements between MCL and partners for student internships, career development programs, faculty immersion activities, collaborative community service and service-learning;
2. Active role and leadership in negotiating for scholarship programs and grants from external agencies;
3. Management of MCL’s internationalization programs in support of the academic units;
4. Supervision of the Alumni Center in support of MCL’s outcomes-based framework and value chain, and in keeping a strategic partnership with the graduates for possible collaboration;
5. Monitoring, assessment, and evaluation of current and expiring partnerships to ensure that commitments are faithfully fulfilled and complied with.

Contact Information:

Ms. Pearl Stephanie DL. Ulep
Director, Office for Strategic Partnerships and Global Engagement

Third Floor (R309) Jose Rizal Building,
Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna,
B6 Lot 4, Southpoint Subdivision, Pulo-Diezmo Road,
Cabuyao City, 4025-Laguna, Philippines

Telephone Nos: (+63) 832-4000 local 4045
Direct Line: (+6349) 832-4023
Facsimile: +63 (2) 8520-8975

[email protected]


OSPGE is committed to upholding Mapua MCL’s dedication to build professionals by equipping students with the tools and guidance they need to start their career paths and assisting alumni in exploring new opportunities. To elevate the support to the academic departments in the delivery of outcomes-based education, OSPGE launched the Pathways to Employability program. The Pathways to Employability program aims to enhance the employability of students and alumni by providing career services and placement support.
OSPGE’s dedication to supporting both students and alumni throughout their career journeys is a testament to Mapua MCL’s commitment to building professionals who are prepared to make a positive impact on the world.

Opportunities for Current Students

OSPGE provides a comprehensive range of services designed to help them identify their interests, skills, and values, and translate them into meaningful career aspirations. This includes:

  • Internship Coaching: Career Services counselors provide guidance to students, helping them explore different career options and develop personalized career plans.

  • Career workshops and seminars: OSPGE organizes workshops and seminars on a variety of career-related topics, such as resume writing, interview skills, and job search strategies.

  • Facilitation and Coordination for Institutional Partnership: OSPGE facilitates connections between students and potential employers through career fairs and networking events.

  • Internship and job placement assistance: OSPGE assists students in finding internships and job opportunities that align with their career goals.

Opportunities for Alumni

OSPGE serves as a lifelong resource for career support and guidance. This includes:

  • Career Development Coaching: Career Services counselors provide career counseling and coaching services to alumni, helping them explore new career options, make career transitions, and advance their careers.

  • Job Placement Support: OSPGE provides alumni with resources and support to find new job opportunities, including access to job postings and assistance with resume and cover letter writing.

Opportunities for other Stakeholders

OSPGE fosters a collaborative network between parents, faculty, and Career Services to empower students to navigate their career journeys.

  • Referral of a Prospective Partner Company: OSPGE encourages the members of the Mapua MCL community to suggest prospective partner companies that align with our vision of providing students with valuable career opportunities

To set an appointment with OSPGE, you may fill out this form:

Career Development Opportunities

The Office for Strategic Partnerships and Global Engagement (OSPGE) works with institutional partners for possible job placement for alumni and candidates for graduation. This support activity is to ensure that MCL graduates land on good and reputable organizations where they can demonstrate the strengths of their academic preparation from college.

Below are JOB POSTINGS that the Office received from its partner organizations.

List of Job Postings

Alibata Ltd.
Continental Autonomous Mobility Philippines, Inc
Furukawa Electric Autoparts
Hino Motors
KPMG – R.G. Manabat & Co.
Laguna Water

Downloadable Links

Official Documents and Relevant Policies
– Copy of CHED Memorandum Order No. 104: Revised Guidelines for Student Internship Program in the Philippines

List of Industry Partners with Active Memorandum of Agreement
List of Industry Partners with Active Memorandum of Agreement (as of April 4, 2024)