Malayan Colleges Laguna

MCL CGC holds new normal career webinar for college students

by Jameela Lim, B.S. Chemical Engineering student

Last 13th of April 2021, Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Center for Guidance and Counseling (MCL CGC) spearheaded a symposium titled ‘A New Normal Career Journey: A Webinar for College Students.’ Speakers from different fields were invited to conduct talks with the aim of helping participants navigate life in the new normal, particularly with regards to career and finance. The event was conducted through Facebook Live, beginning at 2:00 in the afternoon, and was open to both members and nonmembers of the MCL community.

Succeeding a prayer and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, MCL CGC Head Mabeth B. Francia extended her appreciation to the people supporting the event in various ways, most especially to the staff of the organizing office. Furthermore, she encouraged MCL students to visit their Blackboard Course entitled “A New Normal Career Journey for MCL Students” and take advantage of the resources available there.

Governor of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines Arturo “Butch” Guerrero III started off the event with his talk titled ‘Career Opportunities for Filipinos in the New Normal.’ In the session, participants were given insight into the current situation of the Philippine Labor Market, the creation of new jobs amidst the pandemic, skills development in a fast-changing market, and work-from-home opportunities.

In the succeeding Q&A, Mr. Guerrero shares his personal views on the uncertainties of life that he likened to the journey itself and advised listeners to expect challenges. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of honesty and setting expectations, both for oneself and for a possible employer, when going through the hiring process.

With his seminar titled ‘Shifting to a digitized career placement and its impact to recruiting talent’, Accenture Recruiting Manager Mr. Ezekiel Fernando gave the audience an overview of Accenture and the said company’s achievements, and methods of shifting to a digitized career. Furthermore, as response to questions regarding the culture found in the workforce, he shared his personal experience with his current company: the nonpractice of cultural and gender biases in the hiring process; the use of programs for better work organization and efficiency; the company’s investment in developing their employees’ soft skills; and the availability of mental support.

“Do things because you are willing, not because you are obliged,” MCL Civil Engineering Alumnus Engr. Kristoffer Denis G. Gonzales quoted as he shared tips on managing in the new normal in terms of routines

and mindset, in his talk titled ‘Young professionals thriving in the new normal’. Answering to the queries of the audience, he emphasized the importance of reassessing one’s goals to realign motivations according to what must be done, ensuring clear communication, and finding people to that can help them pursue their passion.

In line with promoting their advocacy of “leading financial and healthy security amongst hardworking Filipinos”, Corporate Specialist from Sun Life Grepa Financial Inc. Mr. Rhoderick P. Rivas gave a presentation bearing the company’s theme for the year: ‘Guardians of the New World. Rise & Protect the Future’. The talk enlightened the audience regarding insurance (i.e. what it is, different types), the importance of managing finances, and commonly observed behaviors in people when it comes to money.

The webinar neared its conclusion with MCL Student Affairs Office (MCL SAO) Director Angelito D. Platino welcoming all attendees and extending his gratitude to each individual speakers, giving his own insights to the topics covered. The event officially ended late into the afternoon with the singing of the Malayan Hymn.

The event was hosted by MCL B.A. Communication students Averdyl Batoy and Raffi Sandoval. The recording of the event remains available on MCL CGC’s Facebook Page.