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Mapúa-PTC CMET College Week 2023

Mapúa-PTC CMET College Week 2023



From September 18 to 22, 2023, the Mapúa-PTC College of Maritime Education and Training (Mapúa -PTC CMET) came alive with vibrant festivities as they held their annual college week celebration. This event was in line with the MANA Mo 2023 celebration or the Maritime Archipelagic Nation Awareness Month 2023.

The CMET Week kicked off with the Opening Parade, followed by the Opening Ceremony, CMET Baptismal, ZUMBA: Sigla sa Sayawan, and SEA Games, offering a vibrant start to the week-long festivities.



The second day of the celebration continued the excitement with Mangrove Planting, Webinar MANA Mo, CMET Model: Tindig Marino, CMET Voice: Himig ng Marino, CMET Basketball Semi-Finals, Mobile Legends Tournament 1, and Valorant Tournament 1, keeping the energy high and participation levels up.



Moving to the third day, activities like CMET Quiz Bee, CMET Model: Tindig Marino, Poster Making: Guhit Marino, Essay Writing: Tinta at Pluma, Mobile Legends Tournament Day 2, and Valorant Tournament Day 2 kept the momentum going.

The fourth day of the celebration witnessed a Mobile Blood Drive Donation, CMET Model: Tindig Marino, Mobile Legends Tournament Day 3, CMET Volleyball Finals, CMET Basketball Finals, and Valorant Tournament Day 3, fostering a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship among the students.



Though the September 22 schedule was rescheduled to October 17, 2023 due to the Volcanic Smog or also known as ‘Vog’, Mapúa-PTC CMET concluded their week of celebrations with CMET Recognition Day and Thalassoganza: CMET Night 2023, highlighting achievements and concluding the event on a high note and featuring their main guest performer, Taylor Sheesh.



The successful execution of the week-long celebration stands as a proof of the dedication and hard work of the Mapúa-PTC CMET Council for orchestrating an engaging and memorable college week, providing students with a platform to showcase their talents and fostering a sense of community within Mapúa-PTC CMET.