Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Mapúa Malayan Digital College: Built for Modern Students’ Needs, Now Closer to You.

Mapúa Malayan Digital College (MMDC) is set to plug itself into the Philippine Education system for the 2022-2023 School Year. As the newest college under Malayan Colleges Laguna, the college combines the legacy and credibility of the academic institutions with the future of higher learning. While being fully online, the college is a better option for  incoming freshmen students in Quezon City and Bacolod, as its pioneer learning hubs will be located in these areas.

With lessons delivered digitally through its Experiential Learning System (XLS), MMDC helps students develop not just the technical skills, but also the soft skills (such as critical thinking, leadership, creativity, analysis, and collaboration) that employers and industries look for when hiring fresh graduates. 

MMDC does this through its Projects, Problems, and Cases (PPC) model that emphasizes learning by doing. Students will not take the traditional tests. Instead, they will be challenged by working on real-world workplace scenarios through case studies, and collaborative group work and projects.

Mapúa Malayan Digital College will focus on areas that are in-demand by both students and industry: Technology, and, eventually, Business. Learn more about the programs here.

These degrees are designed by instructional design professionals, who have experience in the academe, as well as in the workforce. 

While all classes with your professor will happen in our digital classroom, Mapúa Malayan Digital College offers its Learning Hubs: spaces located in malls in key cities, where students can do more focused work; collaborate on their group projects; meet for their clubs, and more. 

Each Learning Hub will offer high-speed internet access; comfortable workspaces; and private rooms for meetings. 

MMDC’s first two Learning Hubs will be located in Ayala Malls Cloverleaf in Quezon City, as well as Ayala Malls Capitol Central in Bacolod City.

Every student at Mapúa Malayan Digital College will get their own Chromebook and pocket wifi, as well as access to the digital library, Learning Hub and a Help Center that can assist them with their tech and connectivity needs.  

Aside from the collaborative nature of the curriculum, MMDC empowers students to pursue their passions by allowing them to start their own clubs with the support of the school. Whether their interests are in cooking, hiking, online gaming, art, or other hobbies, MMDC can connect students with like-minded peers so together, they can pursue their interests.

Furthermore, MMDC’s required class meeting times are significantly less than other universities, which allows students to balance their academics, their hobbies, their family life, and their social life.

All this, for PHP60,000.

MMDC offers cutting-edge, real-world learning; a complete technology package; and the opportunity to socialize and pursue passions, all for PHP60,000 for the entire trimester school year.  

To learn more about MMDC, visit the website at