Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

Mapúa Institute of Technology at Laguna

2019 2nd World Symposium on Communication Engineering
doi: 10.1109/WSCE49000.2019.9041055
Publisher: IEEE

GSM-Based Automobile Ignition Stopping and GPS Tracking with Thief Image Capturing

Kristine Joyce P. Ortiz, Mark Nethaniel T. Calicdan, Romel P. Oña, and Ronnier Franz H. Torres

Malayan Colleges Laguna

Abstract- With the rapid increase of the development of the national economy, automobiles have increased greatly as a necessity. Investing in a vehicle perhaps is one of the largest investments of a person. Almost 84% of car owners in the National Capital Region experience car theft according to the PNP Highway Patrol Group. This paper presents the process of improving the existing anti-theft technology that is being implemented in an automobile car. Existing technology this day for anti-theft system lack some features for tracking and stopping the vehicle efficiently and vehicles can be engaged easily by a method used by the thieves called hot wiring. The objective of the study was to design a prototype that has the capability to stop the engine of the car once the thief runs it and the car reaches full stop. The system was controlled by the Arduino that was first programmed so even if the user was awake or asleep it performed the security measures. A relay was installed in the ignition of the car for prevention of the hotwiring method. A tracking device was used to inform the user and to the authorities telling the exact location of the car from the start location to the last where the car stops through latitude and longitude coordinates. For thief identification, images were captured by the camera. The camera started capturing once the car ran and until the user retrieved the car. Alarm was also connected to the Arduino that was sounded continuously once the car runs. Another sensor was used in order to read the speed of the automobile. Tests were conducted for the effectivity and reliability of the system. From the tracking, image capturing, and relay response, all tests resulted in 100% reliability. The system responded correctly based on different testing conducted. The results showed that the system was working properly and in safe condition.

Keywords – Anti-theft; Arduino; Relay; Sensor

Citation – K. J. P. Ortiz, M. N. T. Calicdan, R. P. Oña and R. F. H. Torres, “GSM-Based Automobile Ignition Stopping and GPS Tracking with Thief Image Capturing,” 2019 2nd World Symposium on Communication Engineering (WSCE), 2019, pp. 107-111, doi: 10.1109/WSCE49000.2019.9041055.

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