Examination Guidelines


Long Tests shall be given to all academic courses. As a rule, one (1) long test is required for every one (1) academic unit.

A Final Examination is given for all courses. Oral presentation in design, thesis, research practicum, and/or feasibility courses or practical examination in laboratory courses may be considered as Final Examination.

In addition, an on-line examination shall be required for preparatory and program-related major courses. Passing the examination within the term is necessary in order to complete the course.

Exemption for Final Examinations

Students whose class performance is consistently meritorious and who deserve a final grade of 1.75 or better may be exempted from the final examinations. However, exemption from the Final Examinations is a privilege and not a right of the student. It is entirely within the discretion of the professor to exempt students. However, no student shall be exempted from taking a departmental final examination.


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