Academic Procedures

Procedure to Complete a Course

Students who obtained a grade of "7.00" or a grade of "C" in a course and intends to complete the same shall follow these guidelines:

  1. During the first week of the succeeding term, the student must secure a REQUEST TO COMPLETE COURSE form (MCL OCR-007A) from the Office of the College Registrar (OCR).
  2. Student proceeds to arrange the completion schedule with the concerned professor.
  3. Student submits duly filled out Request to Complete Course form to OCR.
  4. Student pays for the corresponding fee at the Office of the Treasurer.
  5. Student secures the COMPLETION GRADE REPORT form (MCL OCR-008A) from the OCR.
  6. Student submits Completion Grade Report Form to the concerned Professor.
  7. Once the grade has been decided on, the Professor submits the accomplished form to the Office of the Dean for approval.
  8. The Office of the Dean, forwards the form to the Office of the College Registrar.
  9. The OCR receives the form, advises the student when to claim the student's copy, and reflects the grade to the personal record of the student.
  10. Student claims his/her copy from the OCR.

Official Dropping of Courses

A student desiring to drop a course must do so not later than the deadline set by the Office of the College Registrar. Any student who is allowed by the Registrar to drop the course for justifiable reasons shall be given a grade of "9.00" (DROPPED).

A student wishing to drop a course must fill out the APPLICATION FOR OFFICIAL DROPPING OF COURSE (MCL OCR-005A) at the Office of the College Registrar.

A student caught cheating during the examination shall not be allowed to drop a course; he must be reported to the Center for Student Activities and Discipline (CSAD) for appropriate action.

Students who intend to drop a course shall obtain clearance from the CSAD and the Office of the College Registrar.

A student may drop any course except for Values Education, Physical Education and NSTP.

Request to Drop the course should not violate the pre-requisite course regulation.

Dropping a course that is a co-requisite of another course constitutes dropping both courses. In cases wherein the student fails to officially drop a course, teaching employee shall be guided by the following:

  • The student shall be given a final grade of "5.00" (FAILURE); or,
  • The student shall be given a final grade of "8.00" (ABSENT) if he/she failed to report in his/her class since the beginning of the term

The grade of "9.00" can neither be removed nor completed. It has no bearing on the rules regarding refunds or payments made as stipulated in a memorandum from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Official Conduct of Academic Activity

Any academic activity (e.g. written and oral exams, completion of grades, etc.) involving a student is considered official only when the student is officially enrolled during a particular term.

In cases when no particular course or courses are available for student registration, the student must apply for residency status. He/she must enroll and pay for the corresponding residency fee.

The residency fee which is the counterpart of the prevailing registration fee entitles the student to the use of the libraries in the campus.

The enrolment and payment of the residency fee may be accomplished at any time during the term but always prior to the scheduling of any academic activity involving the student.

A student who lacks the completion of a thesis or research practicum to graduate from a program must pay the residency fee for every term until he/she becomes eligible for graduation. This requirement however is waived once the student officially applies for leave of absence (LOA).

Prior to the issuance of a Completion Request Form to a student with an incomplete grade ("7.00"), the Office of the College Registrar shall check if the student is officially enrolled during the term. If not, the student must first enrol and pay the corresponding residency fee.

Even if the student is only enrolled "in residency", that term will be included in the computation of his or her total number of terms where he/she is in residence.