Community Service and Relations Office

Fostering the Spirit of Volunteerism

Nothing is more empowering than being able to harness one’s talents and skills for the betterment of the community.

At Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL), students foster the spirit of volunteerism and civic consciousness through active participation in activities organized by the Community Service and Relations Office (CSRO). The CSRO manages the social responsibility program of MCL by extending its commitment of excellence and virtue to the entire nation through various community services.

CSRO’s service learning programs, in particular, serve as a great opportunity for students to apply their academic lessons in activities that help address societal problems. As the students take part in this endeavor, they gain meaningful learning experience, hone their skills and become functional citizens of the country, in turn.

These service learning programs are and integrated to MCL’s course and program offerings and sustained by the different colleges through their community extension activities

MCL student organizations also take part in various projects to promote human empowerment and community development - all aligned to MCL’s commitment of excellence and virtue.

Functions & Responsibilities

As a social arm of MCL, CSRO is tasked to respond to the needs of the society. It is responsible for carrying out the school’s commitment to address industry and societal problems through:

  • Organizing and spearheading community service initiatives
  • Utilizing the existing knowledge of different organizations in the academe to bring service to the affected communities
  • Organizing and conducting services to promote social awareness among the students, faculty members, employees and external linkages and inspire them to take positive actions

  • CSRO' responsibilities also include:
  • Managing the Center for National Service Training Program to ensure that all activities, services and engagements are aligned with MCL’s values and advocacies
  • Assisting the Office of Research Promotion and Coordination in generating profiles of partner

Core Advocacies

The core advocacies of Malayan Colleges Laguna:

  • Participative Governance
    CSRO encourages the people of the community to get involved in the decision-making process of the government. CSRO’s projects not only empower them to participate and contribute to the social, cultural and political development of their community but also assist them in these efforts.
  • Sustainable Development
    Advocating environmental protection, CSRO implements activities that utilize the potentials of the community’s social, economic and environmental resources without compromising the needs of the future generation.
  • Lifelong Learning
    Acknowledging that learning is a continuous process, CSRO organizes activities and projects that aim to further enhance the knowledge, skills and competencies of students and professors.

Contact Information

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