Multimedia Arts


The Bachelor in Multimedia Arts program is the Malayan Colleges Laguna’s response to the global need for highly- motivated, intellectually capable, and intensively-trained multimedia professionals who are equipped with the necessary understanding of varied communication structures and contexts as well as the will, confidence and skills that can address the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Educational Objectives

Inspired by the patriotic legacy of the Great Malayan Dr. Jose Rizal, MCL’s Multimedia Arts, MMA graduates are expected to:

  1. Be a well-grounded scholar and highly-trained world class professional in the utilization of new media technologies.
  2. Project homegrown values of self-sustainability and identities.
  3. Be active members of their communities, or 3. professional organizations; animated with their passion for local and global progress.
  4. Take on varied functions of a researcher, artist, leader and advocate in various social contexts.


Towards the end of this program, the MMA graduate is expected to:

  1. Express and simplify complex ideas into workable concepts or aesthetically pleasing but socially relevant visual representations.
  2. Initiate communication programs and projects founded on tested traditional media theories and new media industry practices.
  3. Internalize positive values as actualized through observable behaviors to achieve community and professional objectives.
  4. Demonstrate the ability and willingness to understand peoples of other cultures and identities through tested as well as evolving communication theories and praxis.

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