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Grade 12 students place third in 1st Luzonwide SHS Research Congress

They may look shy and quiet at first, but these “powerpuff girls,” as their adviser Ms. April B. Nombrefia would tag them, were bright and competent enough to enter the 1st Luzonwide Senior High School Research Congress last March 24, 2018 at the University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan and win 3rd place in the Engineering, Technology, and Innovation Category.

Grade 12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students Wynona Aeris Joyce C. Antonio, Athena Mae C. Magdaraog, and Almira Joyce D. Pineda mostly competed with students from science and national high schools not just from Luzon but from all over the Philippines.

STEM students Wynona Aeris Joyce C. Antonio, Athena Mae C. Magdaraog, and Almira Joyce D. Pineda, together with their adviser Ms. April B. Nombrefia, pose in front of University of Saint Louis’ marker.

Titled Effectiveness and Efficiency of a Piezoelectric Sensor and Diaphragm Magnet Conductor in Sound-Electricity Conversion: A Comparative Analysis, their research paper “exposed the potential viability of sound as an alternative energy source using a Piezoelectric Sensor and Diaphragm Magnet Conductor,” converting sound energy to a usable form of electricity. This study was conducted to address the Philippines’ problem towards the expensive costs of electricity for the last twenty (20) years.

The idea for their study sparked from when their teachers would always tell their class “Ang ingay ingay nyo! Buti kung may nagagawa ‘yang ingay nyo.”

“Whether it’s intellectual sound or unnecessary sound, kaya natin syang i-harvest and then use it as another type of renewable energy gaya ng windmills, geothermal, hydrothermal, etc. ‘Yun ‘yung maganda sa kanya, bago, kasi hindi pa natin fully nare-research ‘yung sound energy para maging electricity,” Ms. April mentioned.

For their experiments, the group exposed the two (2) instruments to different frequency and decibels of sounds. Then, they compared the instruments’ charging capacity in smartphones.

This exact paper was also their entry in the 1st MCL-SHS (Malayan Colleges Laguna Senior High School) Research Congress 2018, where they achieved their goal of receiving the Best Research Paper award.

The group takes a photo at the University of St.Louis.

They got the invitation for the Luzonwide SHS Research Congress through Sir JV Salayo, MCL-SHS Principal, late January. By this time, their experiment was not yet fully accomplished, and aside from this competition, they were also preparing for the 1st MCL-SHS Research Congress 2018.

While preparing for the Luzonwide Research Congress, they still did a number of experiments to better their prototypes and consulted a lot of experts in Physics.

Para siyang series of defense palagi kasi they, the experts, have to talk about the experiment and the study. We collected questions from them and then nung nandoon na kami (sa Tuguegarao) we planned how to answer them. It’s one of the team’s strengths, we anticipate the possible questions,” Ms. April revealed.

“We also had to check and to analyze how much risk we would be taking in joining the Congress. SHS’s Research Team, Sir JV Pleto, and I were confident that we would be at par with other participants, so we pushed through.”

For incoming SHS students who will definitely be doing research too, Wynona, Athena, Almira, and even Ms. April sent out this piece of advice for you: Have patience, believe in yourself, and prove people wrong if they would say that something’s impossible.

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