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CGC opens discussion on career success

Serving as the guest speaker of Character Matters: How Personality Equals Career Success was Ms. Katrina Elaina "Kata" G. Marban, the Senior Human Resources Manager of Alveo Land Corporation.

On March 13, 2017, Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Center for Guidance and Counseling (CGC) and the Senior Human Resources (HR) Manager of Alveo Land Corporation, Ms. Katrina Elaina “Kata” G. Marban, discussed the association between character and accomplishments in a talk entitled Character Matters: How Personality Equals Career Success.

Ms. Kata, who served as the event’s speaker, began her address by stating a general truth: Things get harsher and more difficult when already working. Thus, instantly agreeing that character indeed matters to one’s success not only in work but also in life.

From left to right: Prof. Angelito Platino, Director of the Office for Student Services; Ms. Katrina Elaina G. Marban, guest speaker; and Ms. Mabeth G. Francia, Head of the Center for Guidance and Counseling.

During job interviews, companies, in fact, give applicants tests that measure their knowledge. However, she disclosed that they look at the behavior more than the IQ.

As an example, she shared her college friend’s story of getting into her dream job because of her personality rather than her competitor’s higher level of intelligence.

“Malaking factor ang attitude and behavior ng tao,” Ms. Kata emphasized.

She also presented the “Can-Do” attitude, which means being positive no matter what challenge one may face. “Positivity is very important, how you look at struggles will matter for you to move on and move forward.”

According to her, setting goals, taking control of the attitude, and being professional are essential in the workplace.

Apart from these matters, Ms. Kata shared practical yet very useful interview and workplace advice.

“When you graduate, find a job, and realize it’s not all flowers and bees, your character and attitude will matter a lot. Don’t forget to stay positive. Don’t forget to dream. Don’t let other people say otherwise. Remember the ‘Can-Do’ attitude. Because that’s the only time that you will be successful little by little.”

Character Matters: How Personality Equals Career Success was primarily organized for senior high school and graduating college students.

More photos from the event are up on the official MCL Facebook page.

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