Institute for Excellence in Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning


The Institute for Excellence in Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (I-ExCELL) offers programs and services that form industry leaders who commit themselves to continuous training and lifelong learning valuable in generating new knowledge for the industries and the society at large.

The institute works together with various stakeholders in developing programs that are basically non-baccalaureate, but still at par with the growing needs of a globalized workforce to contribute to the nation’s struggle for competitiveness and our country’s share in the global economy.

Programs Offered

Outcomes Based Apprenticeship Program

Downloadable Documents:

- Guidelines on the Use of the Endorsement Letters
- Endorsement Letter for Culinary Arts
- Second Copy of the CA Endorsement Letter
- Endorsement Letter for Digital Arts and Design
- Second Copy of the DAD Endorsement Letter

Programs Offered

Culinary Arts
Digital Arts Design


Calendar of Activities

Deadline for Application for Shifting to other Programs
Deadline for Submission of Credit Evaluation for Shifters
Deadline for Request for Completion of "C" and "INC" Grades
Deadline for Cancellation of Enrollment without Refund
Deadline for Individual Dropping of Courses
Graduation Ceremony