My Future, My Choice 2018

MCL is once again opening its doors to all Grades 10, 11, and 12 students for My Future, My Choice 2018!

Happening on January 27, 2018 as part of MCL's 12th Foundation Week, the open campus event is open to students from all schools and will feature workshops under the fields of Multimedia Arts, Communication, Business, Culinary Arts, Engineering, Architecture, Information Technology, and Maritime.

Sign up for your workshop of choice today!

See the full My Future, My Choice 2018 program here.

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Workshops: You may attend 2 different workshops, one ine the morning and another in the afternoon. Kindly choose your workshop by clicking on your preferred schedule.
Multimedia Arts HUMSS/ICT Animation/GA Graphic Design and Animation J.P. RIZAL BLDG - R209 and R205 26/40 25/40
Communication HUMSS/ICT Animation/GA Creative Writing and Public Speaking EINSTEIN BLDG - E111 and E112 19/40 10/40
Hotel and Restaurant Management HE/ABM/GA Fruit Carving and Mock tails E.T. YUCHENGCO BLDG - Y202 2/30 5/30
Culinary Arts HE/ABM/GA Quick Fire Culinary E.T. YUCHENGCO BLDG - Y205 5/28 16/28
Tourism Management HE/ABM/GA Travel Fare E.T. YUCHENGCO BLDG - Y200 6/30 3/30
Entrepreneurship HE/ABM/GA Business Presentation E.T. YUCHENGCO BLDG - Y202 3/30 8/30
Accountancy ABM The Language of Business Game E.T. YUCHENGCO BLDG - Boardoom 14/15 9/15
Chemical Engineering Environmental Science STEM Chemistry Magic J.P. RIZAL BLDG - R411A 20/30 5/30
Electrical Engineering Electronics Engineering STEM Electrical & Electronics Application J.P. RIZAL BLDG - R405A & R405B 14/25 7/25
Computer Engineering STEM Embedded Systems J.P. RIZAL BLDG - R310 11/30 13/30
Industrial Engineering STEM Ergonomics J.P. RIZAL BLDG - R412 10/30 4/30
Mechanical Engineering STEM Machine Operations MACHINE SHOP - M101 18/30 8/30
Civil Engineering STEM Surveying Track Oval 18/60 17/60
Architecture STEM/GA Origamic Architecture EINSTEIN BLDG - E102 35/35 22/35
Information Technology Computer Science Information System STEM/ICT Programming Programming Made Easy J.P. RIZAL BLDG - Rm 312, 314 13/70 9/70
Marine Engineering STEM/PBM Dismantling and Diagraming of Auxiliary Machineries MACHINE SHOP - M115 6/30 3/30
Marine Transportation STEM/PBM Anchoring Singapore All-purpose Anchorage MACHINE SHOP - M116 8/40 0/40

As this would be a great time for you to explore and learn more regarding your preferred programs, we would like to extend our invitation to your respective parents. There will be a Parent Talk and Orientation on the same day, should your parent[s] be available to attend kindly choose which schedule will they be attending. Should your parents be unavailable, kindly tick [NO]:

View the Parent Orientation program here.