Credentials to Access Blackboard Learn (BBL)
(Starting May 20, 2020)

Kindly follow the procedures below:

1. After submitting the online application form, an authentication code will be sent through the email address that you provided in the application. If you do not receive your authentication code, please email for assistance. Please expect a response within 24 hours.

2. Starting May 20, 2020, you may access the MCL website again to view credentials such as the following:
a. Student Number
b. MCL Live Email Account and Password
c. Default Password for BBL

3. Log-in at MCL Blackboard Learn and go to the course "Enrollment Management System".

4. All information about how to process your enrollment are posted in the Blackboard Learn course such as:
a. About MCL
b. Guidelines and Advisories
c. Requirements for Enrollment
d. Sample Forms

5. For concerns on enrollment, you can send a "course message" to the Instructor of the course.

6. Once given access to the BBL, please refrain from sending emails and text messages to the Admissions Office to streamline the communication process.

7. Once enrolled, the credentials issued to you (e.g. student number, and MCL Live Email address) will be used in all learning activities and viewing of online enrollment information. Make sure to change the password after your first log-in.

8. All students are advised to monitor and check their Blackboard Learn accounts daily for updates and instructions.

9. While the online submission of documents is allowed until June 30, 2020; enrollment procedures (until payment) must be completed in ten (10) working days. Failure to do so will result to unenrollment in the section assigned to the student.