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General Guidelines

on Eligibility, Registration and Mechanics

The rules and regulations stipulated herein apply to all the contests and event components of MCL Cup 2016 except for some provisions that are applicable only to the specific events and contests in this series. A separate detailed mechanics is also provided along with this general set of guidelines.

We strongly encourage all coaches and faculty advisers of het participating schools to carefully read to fully understand the provisions stipulated herein and in the other sections. It is also advised that the same rules be discussed thoroughly to the participating high school students to make all expectations clear.

This Year’s Theme: “Rallying In Sync with Education!”

Last year’s “21st Century Ready” proved to be very challenging. Because of the new education curriculum which we all need to adapt must be implemented and complied as mandated at the same time.

Malayan Colleges Laguna, RISING UP to No. 1 private Higher Educational Institution in Region IVA (CALABARZON) and No. 10 in the country, would like to share this success with all the secondary schools in the region by continuing its tradition of Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude types of academic competition in one venue. Synchronizing all efforts from all its teaching and non -­‐ teaching personnel and utilizing all available resources to rally behind this annual commitment by putting up an exciting contest with curricular orientation on a region wide scale the fulcrum of instruction, research, and extension services were carried out in a well-­‐planned MCL Cup series.

Through MCL Cup 2016, we continue to ‘sound-­‐off’ our advocacy for OBE and academic excellence as we RISE UP for the upcoming years with more challenges that make us all excited and more passionate.

For MCL’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, the institution is committed to equip our up-­‐ and-­‐coming young people in Laguna and environs so that they, too, can have successful careers in the Philippines and anywhere else on the planet. In order to do this, we have formulated globally relevant student learning outcomes, designed our curricula around these desired outcomes, and sought to have our students attain these outcomes using learner-­‐centered approaches.

MCL’s first batch of graduates recently went to the proving grounds of board examinations and roundly triumphed with an excellent overall passing percentage and a good number of topnotchers! We are, therefore, very confident that in the years to come our graduates in all programs will meet with success in their various chosen careers here in our country and on distant shores.

As MCL’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, Engr. Dennis H. Tablante looks at it, ‘the basic principle of OBE is like thinking the end in mind. We ask ourselves, ‘Where will the student be when they finish their program?’ That’s the start of everything. By the time they finish their programs, we want them to have the competencies and skills that meet the needs of the industries. We want them to be able to successfully demonstrate these skills becausethat’s the fundamental there.’

All outcomes are in line with MCL’s mission to produce graduates that possess entry-­‐level technical competencies, soft skills, and global perspective. These will make them the most sought-­‐after graduates by industries worldwide.

OBE has not ended yet. It is continuing and the efforts in the past years must be doubled to achieve the desired results. Indeed, there is a need to RISE UP efforts toward its success. Outcomes-­‐based education is beyond a systems approach. It is developing a culture of excellence in teaching and learning. From the traditional educational system, Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) has shifted to OBE system in response to the increasing demands for professionals whose competencies meet the global standards. Unlike the raditional educational system, OBE focuses on three areas: KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE.

KSA (knowledge, skills and attitude) are the main phases a student must develop to successfully launch a career after finishing his/her academic program. These abilities or competencies are called outcomes.

As for MCL Cup 2016, we draw inspiration from the nurturing of knowledge, skills and attitude that OBE envisions. As we RISE UP for our efforts to promote OBE, we alsoRISE UP in sharing the advocacy to our partner schools in the region. We also share with them the approaches to RISING UP for academic excellence, and global competitiveness as we remain committed to our motto,EXCELLENCE AND VIRTUE.


  1. MCL Cup 2016 is open to all students of secondary educational institutions recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd).
  2. All performers/participants/representatives must be bona fide students of their respective schools and must be eligible as per specific competition requirements.
  3. The School Head is requested to certify the eligibility and qualification of their student participants.
  4. The term ‘senior high school students’ refers to FOURTH YEAR students, or its equivalent like Grade 10 in schools that follow the K-12 system.
  5. There are specific contests that are also OPEN to First to Third Year students. Please check the specific contest mechanics along with this document.


  1. PRE-REGISTRATION is required for all participating schools.
  2. Registration forms are provided in this kit. The same can also be accessed and downloaded from the MCL Website (
  3. Duly accomplished Registration Forms must be submitted on or before 07 November, 2016 (Monday).
  4. The Overall Steering Committee for the MCL Cup 2016 reserves the right to refuse acceptance of registration forms after the said date.
  5. Incomplete data provided in the official registration form is a ground for non-acceptance of the registration submitted, and will result to prohibition from participating in any of the event components. Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) reserves the right to decide on issues pertinent to the qualification and disqualification of entries and nominated participants.
  6. Any form of misrepresentation is not allowed in the registration of participating teams, and student-participants. Once proven, this will result to disqualification.
  7. Registration forms may be submitted through any of the following:
    1. For Walk-in submission- please proceed to the E.T. Yuchengco College of Business (ETYCB),located at the second Floor, ETY Building, Malayan Colleges Laguna, Pulo-Diezmo Road, Cabuyao, Laguna; or thru the Admissions Office, Ground Floor, Jose Rizal Building, Malayan Colleges Laguna.
    2. Through fax message- kindly include a text: “ATTENTION: MCL Cup 2016 Secretariat Committee” at the beginning of the file to be faxed and send to the following contact numbers:
    3. Laguna Fax Number                                  - (049) 832-0017

      MCL Cup 2016 Hotline (PLDT, w/0 Fax)   - (049) 832-4014

      Manila Telephone and Fax Number          - (02) 520-8975

    4. Through email – scan the duly accomplished registration forms and send to


  1. As part of MCL’s commitment to outcomes-based education, the scoring rubrics for the large group events (e.g. Revolution, Innovation, Competition! Cheer and Dance 2016, etc,) will also be outcomes-based.
  2. GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE awards will be given to participating schools and contestants who are able to get the scores on the table at the bottom.
  3. AWARD AVERAGE SCORE (per event)
    Gold 95-100
    Silver 90-94
    Bronze 85-89
  4. Finalists of each event component will get corresponding scores which will be totaled with the scores from other events to determine the final school standing. The final standing will determine the Overall Champion, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up respectively.
  5. The table below shows the corresponding scores that can be earned by every finalist of each event:
  6. KNOWLEDGE Champion 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up Finalists
    Brainmasters 70 60 50 30
    Science Quiz Show
    Mathematics Quiz Show
    SKILLS Champion 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up Finalists
    SPEAK UP! Extemporaneous Speech Festival 70 60 50 40
    ATTITUDE Champion 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up Finalists
    EVENTUS Chorale: A Festival of Songs 100 90 80 40
    Revolution, Innovation, Competition: Cheer and Dance 2016
  7. Corresponding points for ‘Special Awardees” will only be given to those teams who will receive GOLD, SILVER, or BRONZE awards, or any other special awards except for those teams who have earned corresponding points for the Top 3 places already.
  8. Special awards may be given to selected event components to recognize the exemplary performance of the participants. These may be given upon the recommendation of the Event Chair.


  1. The MCL Cup 2016 Steering Committee may hold Elimination Rounds if the number of pre-registered participants for the “Knowledge” events exceed ten (10);
  2. The Elimination Round is a sit-down exam that all team members will collectively answer.
  3. Answers to the academic contests will be electronically submitted through a specialized application developed for MCL Cup 2016
  4. Successful transmission of answers is a responsibility of the contestants. Errors in inputting texts and codes committed by the contestants invalidate the answer, and will deprive the team of earning the corresponding points.
  5. Before each round, all contestants will undergo a briefing on how to encode answers, and submit them electronically.
  6. Incomplete and/or misspelled answers will not be credited.
  7. There might be special symbols required for correct answers to be credited in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and IT Quiz Shows. In the absence of these symbols in the input device to be used, substitute codes will be provided before the contest proper. This shall also be a part of the orientation and briefing sessions.
  8. In case of a tie in the final score during the Elimination Round, additional questions may be given by the organizers to determine the Top 10 teams.
  9. In case of a tie in the scores of any of the Top 3 competing teams in the Final Round, a clincher round will follow. The team to earn the first score in the round will automatically get the place being contended.
  10. The questions in the final round will only be read twice. The timer will start after the question is read for the first time.
  11. The following scoring system and time allotment will be implemented:
    Easy 15 seconds 10 points 15 questions for each of the 3 rounds
    Average 25 seconds 20 points
    Difficult 40 seconds 30 points


  1. Contestants are requested to be in the venue at least one (1) hour before the event proper to undergo registration procedures and briefing. Registration closes 15 minutes before the actual start of the contest.
  2. Each student representative must bring his/her school ID on the day of the event that s/he will be participating in.
  3. The order of performances (in the case of large group events) will be determined through electronic draw. The participants/performers will be informed of the sequence before the start of the event.
  4. If the number of registered schools for the large groups has reached twelve (12), an elimination round will take place.


  1. Questions, clarifications, and objections on the answers submitted during the “Knowledge” events can only be raised by the participants immediately before the next question is given. The Quiz Show Host must acknowledge the point of information by the contestant/s who will then be required to present documentary evidences to support such claim.
  2. The Quiz Show Host will then direct the query to the Panel of Judges for adjudication. At this point, the faculty adviser / coach may assist the student in defending their position.
  3. For large group events (Revolution, Innovation, Competition! Cheer and Dance 2016, etc.), the officially appointed coach or faculty adviser may represent the team in seeking for adjudication.
  4. The decision of the Panel of Judges is final.
  5. The Overall Steering Committee of the MCL Cup 2016 is committed to select members of the panel of judges who are experts in that specific area/field; with proven independence and are objective assessors of outcomes.
  6. Members of the panel of judges are ensured to have no connection or affiliation with any of the participating schools.
  7. The Overall Steering Committee of MCL Cup 2016 through the Panel of Adjudicators of specific events has the sole right to clarify the details in the mechanics.
  8. Changes in the rules may be adopted as decided upon by the panel of judges, after a consultation and concurrence with/by the coaches/faculty adviser of the teams, and subject to the approval of the Overall Chair of MCL Cup 2016.


  1. The true spirit of sportsmanship is greatly encouraged among the competing teams.
  2. Coaches and student representatives are expected to behave in a respectful and ethical manner, and any omission may result in the disqualification of a team or ejection of an offender.
  3. Coaches and school representatives are reminded not to approach the members of the panel of judges during the event, unless the reason for such is to request for adjudication. In this case, the coach/ faculty adviser should confer with the Event Chair, or the Program Host to be acknowledged and be referred to the Panel of Judges.


  1. The awarding ceremonies will be held on 21 November, 2015, the last day of MCL Cup 2016.
  2. Individual winners for events under the “Knowledge” category; FIRED UP! Cooking Showdown; SPEAK UP! Impromptu Speech Festival; and WALL OF ART: A Mural Design Competition will receive medals and gift packages.
  3. Scholarship certificates will be awarded during the school visits of the Admissions Office on the months of December, 2015; and January, 2016.
  4. Winning schools, on the other hand, shall receive an MCL Cup 2016 Plaque of Recognition; and the corresponding points to win the MCL Cup 2016 Overall Champion, First Runner-up, and Second Runner-up respectively.
  5. As part of the advocacy for environmental sustainability through conservation of available resources, participating schools, its faculty adviser, coaches, and students may request for certificates of participation in electronic format. Printed certificates will only be issued on exceptional cases.
  6. The Top Three (3) schools will receive, in addition to the trophies and medals, the following prizes:
  7. Grand Champion:      PHP 50,000 worth of prizes

    First Runner- Up:       PHP 30,000 worth of prizes

    Second Runner- Up: PHP 20,000 worth of prizes


  1. The MCL campus has an existing set up of Security personnel and relevant security and safety policies.
  2. MCL is a drug-free and alcohol-free campus. Persons under the influence of drugs, and/or alcohol will be denied entry to the premises of the school.
  3. First aid and health related concerns during the events of the MCL Cup will be addressed by the Safety Committee and the Center for Health Services and Wellness (CHSW) of MCL.
  4. A standby ambulance will also be made available for outdoor events and other activities that might pose a risk on the safety and wellness of participants.
  5. Malayan Colleges Laguna reserves the right to prohibit any person from using props, instruments, tools, and other effects that are not acceptable to standard safety policies. MCL may also further restrict the conduct of MCL Cup 2016 activities in the interest of safety, and wellness of all participants, and the general public.
  6. Schools are encouraged to compose their own student delegation to support, and cheer for their contestants. All students who will be part of the official school delegation are required to bring their school IDs, and will be issued nametags to gain access to the campus.
  7. Members of the official student delegation must wear their school uniform, or any decent attire that complies with MCL’s dress code.
  8. Parents and relatives of the contestants are allowed to attend the activities. Same policies on security and public safety will apply to them.


  1. All contests and event components will be held at Malayan Colleges Laguna campus. MCL facilities will be made available for the said events. For reference, a campus map is herein provided.

Directions to MCL:

By Public Transport:

From Calamba, take Jeepneys going to San Pedro/ Complex Highway; get off at Pulo, Cabuyao (landmark is a traffic light and Barangay Hall); then take tricycle to MCL.

From San Pedro/ Biñan, take Jeepneys going to Calamba Crossing (Highway); get off at Pulo, Cabuyao (landmark is a traffic light and Barangay Hall; then take tricycle to MCL.

By Private Vehicle, take SLEX, take Cabuyao exit; and you will see MCL at the East side of the interchange. MCL is a 20-minute drive from Alabang, through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).


  1. The Overall Steering Committee of the MCL Cup 2016 is tasked to assess conditions that may affect the conduct of activities. Cancellation, or postponement of activities may be announced due to inclement weather condition, inadvertent declaration of holiday or suspension of classes/ work; or any uncontrolled scenario that might pose danger or threat to the security and safety of the participants.
  2. All participating schools are advised to stay tuned for important announcements about MCL Cup 2016 through the following channels:
    1. MCL website (
    2. Facebook page of MCL Cup (TheMCLCup)
    3. through emailed advisories relevant to the event.
  3. Schedules and line-up of activities may also be changed by the organizers if there is a justifiable reason for such. On best efforts, the Steering Committee will use all available media to inform the participating schools about such.



The Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL), a wholly owned subsidiary of MAPUA University, will hold the MCL CUP 2018 on November 17 – 24, 2018. This has been an annual event with a week-long activity involving challenges in the form of competitions that cater to aspects of learning such as Knowledge, Attitude and Skills. We expect a good number of Junior and Senior High School participants coming from different schools in Region IV-A and nearby regions. This year, participating schools will be competing in 17 exciting events as they vie for the title MCL CUP 2018 Champion.

The theme for the MCL Cup 2018 is “Stand the Test, Take on the Future”. As we develop our students to “Stand the Test” the hope we have is that they “Take on the Future” and be ready for what lies ahead of them. With this, we look forward to another great, fun-filled and challenging events for this year’s MCL Cup Also, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to your institution for your active participation in the MCL CUP 2017 for without it the said event will not be successful. To continue with this legacy of triumph, it is both with immense appreciation and utmost humility that we are extending this invitation to your school and again be part of MCL Cup 2018. We share with you our commitment of instilling among young individuals the culture of excellence in academic and co-curricular activities that they engage in, and at the same time keeping modesty in their achievements.

We are looking forward for your full support and cooperation.

Thank you very much and more power.


Engr. Anthony Hilmer S. Medrano
MCL CUP 2018, Over-All Chair







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